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1 Year Anniversary of the Manchester Arena Bombing

anniversary of manchester bombing

Today marks the one year anniversary of when the Islamist terrorist, Salman Abedi, detonated a nail bomb at Ariana Grande’s concert in the Manchester Arena on the 22. of May 2017.


A summary of what happened.

Thousands had turned up to the Arena to watch the pop sensation, Ariana Grande, perform. Most of these were young people and children with parents. The future of Britain, it’s innocent youth.

At 10.31pm on Monday night suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated an explosive device in the foyer of Manchester Arena.

The devastation caused by the bomb – which was filled with nails, screws and bolts – was ghastly.

Twenty two people were killed and 120 injured – many of them teenagers and children.

On Tuesday afternoon news outlets in America started to name the bomber as 22-year-old Salman Abedi.

Anniversary of Salman Abedi's heinous crime
The Islamist scum, Salman Abedi.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins confirmed the name shortly afterwards.


The Victims.

Anniversary article - georgina callander
Georgina Callander with Ariana Grande

Georgina Callander , an 18-year-old college student from Lancashire. She was an Ariana Grande superfan and was enjoying the concert with her friends at the time of the Islamic terror attack.


anniversary, saffie rose roussos
Saffie Rose Roussos, the youngest victim of the attack.

Eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos was another victim of the attack.

Saffie, who is from Tarleton, had been at the Ariana Grande concert with her mum Lisa Roussos and sister Ashlee Bromwich when the explosion took her from us.

The headteacher at Saffie’s school, Chris Upton, said about the youngster: “Saffie was simply a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the word. She was loved by everyone and her warmth and kindness will be remembered fondly. Saffie was quiet and unassuming with a creative flair.

“The thought that anyone could go out to a concert and not come home is heartbreaking.”


Anniversary, John-Atkinson
John Atkinson

28-year-old John Atkinson from Bury was the third victim to be identified.

John had been leaving the concert when the Islamist scumbag detonated his bomb shortly after 10.30 on Monday evening.

Friends and family described him as “one in a million.”

Taliè Andrèa said: “Heartbroken for the Atkinson family at this sad time never would I imagine this happening so close to home. Rest in paradise John you beautiful soul.”


Anniversary Megan-Hurley
Megan Hurley

The fourth victim of the suicide bomb attack at Manchester Arena was 15 year old Megan Hurley.

A fundraising page to help Megan’s family was set up by Helen McDermott, from Halewood, who said: “We’re raising £500 to help fund a beautiful send off for Megan who was taken far too early due to the awful attacks at Manchester Arena on 22/05/2017.”



Anniversary olivia-campbell
Olivia Campbell

15-year-old Olivia Campbell was lost to us in the terror attack, her mother confirmed on Tuesday night – just hours after making a heartbreaking TV appeal to find her.

Paying tribute to her precious daughter, mum Charlotte Campbell said: “RIP my darling precious gorgeous girl Olivia Campbell. Taken far, far too soon. go sing with the angels and keep smiling. Mummy loves you so much.”


Alison Howe and Lisa Lees

Two mums waiting to collect their daughters after the concert were among the victims of the bomb attack.

Alison Howe, 45, and Lisa Lees, 43, from Royton, Oldham, were both waiting in the foyer of the arena when the Islamist terrorist detonated his cowardly bomb.

The leave behind two daughters, both aged 15, who are safely in the care of their respective families.


anniversary angelika and marcin klis
Angelika and Marcin Klis

Married couple Angelika and Marcin Klis, from York, who went to the Ariana Grande concert together, were confirmed to have died in the terror attack.

The pair posed for a selfie in the city centre just before going to the concert to pick their daughters up. They were reported missing when nobody heard from them after the concert.


anniversary martyn-hett
Martyn Hett

Corrie superfan Martyn Hett was named by friends as another victim of the Manchester Arena terror attack.

The popular and well-known PR manager, aged 29, was at Monday’s Ariana Grande concert with pals as a leaving party.

Hi life was cut short two days before he was about to head off on a trip of a lifetime to the US.


anniversary of the attack
Kelly Brewster

Kelly Brewster, 32, was from Sheffield and had been at the Ariana Grande concert with her sister Claire and niece Hollie Booth, enjoying an innocent night of fun.

Her partner Ian Winslow, wrote this heartbreaking message on Facebook: “Not sure how this works but it isn’t good news. Kelly Brewster wasn’t one of the unidentified hospital patients. She has sadly passed away in the terror attack.

“Kelly really was the happiest she has ever been and we had so many things planned together. My daughter Phoebe will be absolutely devastated like we all are.”


Anniversary Jane Tweddle Taylor
Jane Tweddle Taylor

Jane Tweddle-Taylor, from Blackpool, had gone to the Arena with a friend, to pick up the friend’s daughter. She was confirmed as another victim of the terror attack.

She was a receptionist at South Shore Academy in Blackpool. An ordinary person going about her day, brutally torn apart by a nail bomb.


anniversary nell-jones
Nell Jones

14-year-old Nell Jones, who was at the Ariana Grande concert, was confirmed among those killed in Monday’s attack.

She was from Goostrey, near Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, and she had been recently using crutches after suffering a ligament injury.

Her friends and family described her as a young girl who “loved life”.


anniversary michelle kiss
Michelle Kiss

Michelle Kiss, the mum of a little girl, died in the terror attack on Monday night.

Michelle had been at the concert with her young daughter on the night of the explosion.

Her family said: “We hope to draw from the courage and strength she showed in her life to get through this extremely difficult time.”


anniversary Sorrell-Leczkowski
Sorrell Leczkowski

14-year-old Sorrell Leczkowski from Leeds was another one of the Manchester terror attack victims.

She reportedly died in hospital with her mum and grandma by her side, who were also injured in the attack.

A family friend said on social media: “Fourteen and not even lived your life yet, you’ll be sadly missed by us all.”


anniversary liam and chloe
Liam Curry and Chloe Rutherford

A young couple killed in the Manchester terror attack ‘wanted to be together forever’, their heartbroken families have said.

Chloe Rutherford, 17, and 19-year-old Liam Curry were from South Shields in South Tyneside.

In a joint statement via Greater Manchester Police, their loved ones confirmed their passing, saying ‘their wings were ready, but our hearts were not’.


anniversary elaine mciver
Elaine McIver

Elaine McIver worked as an officer for Cheshire Constabulary and was at the arena with her husband Paul.

Loving statements from friends and family: “Elaine was a much-loved daughter, sister, Auntie, friend and colleague, the best we could ever have wished for.

“She was everyone’s friend, thoughtful beyond belief with an effervescent and outgoing personality.

“She would have been devastated by the injuries sustained by her partner Paul, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.


anniversary wendy fawell
Wendy Fawell

Primary school teacher Wendy Fawell, was from Otley, West Yorkshire.

St Oswald’s C of E Primary School, in Guiseley, said on Twitter on Thursday morning: “It is with deepest sadness that I confirm that our former colleague Wendy Fawell was killed in the Manchester bombing. RIP, Wendy.”


anniversary eilidh macleod
Eilidh Macleod

Eilidh, 14, went to the Ariana Grande concert with her friend Laura MacIntyre, 15, on Monday, May 22.

In a statement her family said: “Our family is devastated and words cannot express how we feel at losing our darling Eilidh.

“Eilidh was vivacious and full of fun. She loved all music whether it was listening to Ariana or playing the bagpipes with her pipe band.

“As a family we would like to express our thanks and gratitude for the support and kind messages we have received at this difficult time.”

The young Scottish girl’s heartbroken parents paid a touching tribute to their “beautiful, intelligent, and talented” daughter.


anniversary courtney boyle
Courtney Boyle

Courtney Boyle, 19,was a Leeds Beckett University student from Gateshead, she had been at the concert with her step-father Philip Tron.

In a statement Courtney’s mum said: “My stunning amazing beautiful daughter you were my rock you made me so proud with all you had achieved and my gorgeous crazy Philip you made my world a happy place and now you are both my angels flying high in the sky.”

Her heartbroken father added: “I am going to miss my baby girl Courtney Boyle for the rest of my life.
I will never forget you and I will love you forever. Grandad Bob misses you loads also.”


ANNIVERSARY philip tron
Philip Tron

Philip Tron was from Gateshead and he was also tragically killed in the Manchester Arena bombing.

He had been at the concert with his step-daughter Courtney Boyle.

Philip’s mother’s comment: “Firstly, we would like to thank the emergency services, police, nurses, support staff, family & friends and the people of Manchester for their continued help and support which they have given us throughout this harrowing time.

“Our most amazing son, partner, brother, father, uncle, nephew and cousin, Philip Tron, sadly passed away on the 22nd May 2017. Philip was such a fun loving, energetic soul, he would light up the darkest room and lift your spirits with his infectious laugh, witty sense of humour and his beautiful smile.”

The Anniversary

Today signifies one year since this horrific act was committed. Today we remember and we take a moment to mourn those who were taken from us.


We’ve been through all this before. Candle-lit vigils and prayers won’t solve anything. Lighting up buildings, minutes of silence, marches, speeches, these are all things that make people feel better. But they don’t create change. We must address the root of the problem, not the symptoms.


We have to remember who the people who do these attacks have been, and what motivates them to commit these unforgivable acts. We’ve got to realise that this increase of alien people and cultures in Europe is creating, nay, has created, a toxic environment. In which those who come here live in their own enclaves and resent the natives. Which in extreme cases leads to crimes like these.

We have to admit that group differences exist.

Political correctness must die. Immigration needs to be stopped. Remigration needs to be implemented. Pro-natal policies must be implemented. The lies of diversity and multiculturalism must be exposed and beaten.

Because if we don’t… attacks like these will continue to occur, and more of our children will pay the ultimate price for our ineptitude.

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