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Anis Amri Italian Jihadist Network shut down: 5 muslim men arrested

This morning the Italian authorities successfully shut down Anis Amri’s jihadist network, the 5 people who were arrested had ties with the terrorist who carried out the Berlin attack in 2016, which cause 12 deaths. The Muslims arrested consist of a Palestinian called Abdel Salem Napulsi and 4 Tunisians.

The Palestinian is currently under investigation for having trained for jihad through jihadist videos (16) he found online and then stored in his pc. Napulsi had also just bought a pickup vehicle on which he was going to mount some kind of weapon. The investigation started from the studies of Anis Amri’s phone and contacts, Napulsi was among Amri’s contacts which led the authorities to complete the puzzle and arrest the collaborator.

In one of the incriminating phone calls, Napulsi was heard saying to another jihadist called Kharzi Mounir:”We should put their heads on the cutting board, chop their heads off, then next in line!”. Mounir answered to this saying:”When you encounter infidels hit them on the neck until you have subdued them” to which Napulsi rebutted saying:”Let’s chop their heads and genitals!”.

The 4 Tunisian men, respectively called Akram Baazaoui, Mohamed Baazoui, Dhiaddine Baazaoui and Rabie Baazoui, were arrested for falsification of documents and for aiding and abetting illegal immigration. ISIS and other jihadist groups have been exploiting the illegal immigration business for years, being one of the easiest markets thanks to the cooperation of the various NGOs. Many terrorists who have managed to succeed in their actions, reached Europe thanks to networks like this one.

Yet another successful counter-terrorism actions by the Italian authorities in the nationwide campaign that has brought into custody a total of 7 jihadists in 3 days. Firstly the Islamic hate preacher in Foggia, secondly the arrest of the ISIS propagandist in Turin and today the arrest of Anis Amri’s collaborators and illegal immigration facilitators. The Italian authorities estimated that there are still around 80 jihadists roaming free in Italy to this day.

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