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Angela Merkel under threat as immigration crisis deepens

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, is finding that her already-precarious government is at risk of falling apart (along with the open-borders Schengen project) over recent issues surrounding the European Migration Crisis. With popular consensus and practical considerations finally catching up to common sense, the possibility of Merkel being forced out of office, considered impossible just 4 years ago, is becoming an increasingly-likely scenario.

She faces two primary threats. At home, the leader of the CDU’s more conservative sister party (the CSU), Horst Seehofer is taking a stand against Merkel’s reckless open-doors policy on immigration. He proposed a plan that would decrease the number of accepted asylum seekers, increase the number of deportations, and authorize police to immediately turn back at the border any asylum seeker that had already registered in another EU country. She agreed to all but the last point, claiming that it would lead to a chain reaction, emboldening populist leaders in the old Warsaw Pact and Italy in closing their borders. Despite her concessions (which, to any rational person, should have been acted on long before now), Angela Merkel is still facing down a colossal threat from the more cosnervative members of her own party, and the rising AfD.

In the EU, Merkel faces similar criticisms but on a much larger scale. To calm her domestic critics, and other EU member states, she must develop a migration plan that resolves the issues the EU is facing at the moment, with economic migrants from Africa abusing the open-doors policy created for asylum seekers. With rising populist and nationalist attitudes in Italy, Austria, and the Visegrad bloc, this is a Herculean task.

So can she do it? Bearing in mind, many consider Angela Merkel to be the cornerstone of the liberal order of Europe, and her fall from the Chancellorship could easily spell at least trouble for the EU. At most, its absolute collapse.

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