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An Incredible Range of Cuisines: A Supposed Benefit of Multiculturalism

Recently, Katie Hopkins posted a video on Twitter of Edgeware Road in London. It showed restaurant after restaurant, after takeaway. You would be forgiven for thinking that video was taken in Istanbul, Bangladesh or Delhi for all the foreign outlets on show.

Naturally, the response to the video was one of indignation. Tweet upon tweet of “racist” followed by “I love curry” and suggestions of other ethnic eateries in London for all the progressives to try out. What became clear is that people genuinely think that one of the benefits of multiculturalism (in addition to increased crime, less freedom, longer NHS waiting lists, being replaced) is the “incredible range of cuisines”.

People genuinely think that having food from all over world is a good reason to have the cooks here too. It’s always nice to try different foods, but in some cases we’d rather just look at the cooking instructions instead of bringing the chef and his extended family here.

Some say that there have been ethnic restaurants around for years. The earliest Chinese restaurant in the UK was opened in 1907 (with Peking duck not available until 1963!), Chinese, according to recent polls has become the UK’s favourite takeaway, topping fish & chips. This is despite there being less than 500,000 Chinese people here (as of 2011).

As pointed out, the majority of these restaurants opened after WW2 when everyone was making their way over. The first Indian restaurant however was opened before WW2 in 1926 before becoming a staple in every town and village in the UK. It has been reported though that 50% of the Indian restaurants are due to close in the next 10 years due to the move to healthy eating amongst the UK born population.

Multiculturaism has also brought us an influx of chicken shops on every corner and you’ll be hard pressed to find a takeaway that doesn’t have a Halal sticker on the door. Unsurprisingly, these cheap foreign food places pick their locations well as areas such as Blackpool and parts of Manchester and Liverpool have 5 times more takeaways than affluent areas. Ghetto food for ghetto areas.

There is also a correlation between eating habits and immigration. Between 2014 and 2017, Syrian food orders increased by 907%, coinciding with their large scale migration. The explosion in chicken shops also coincided with an increase in African immigration. You only need to walk past one and look at the clientele to see this for yourself.

So, can we forgive the visitors for their other misdemeanours because people like their food? Of course not. Should there be a limit to how many identikit foreign takeaways you can have in one village? Quite possibly.

And if you want a recommendation, go to Rules in Covent Garden, London. It is the oldest restaurant in the capital and serves proper English food.

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