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Italy: 75 years old woman raped by Senegalese man

caramba - senegalese

This night around 1.30 am, as reported by Italian newspaper Il Messaggero,  a 75 years old homeless woman was raped allegedly by a 31 years old Senegalese man.

The victim was sleeping in the streets when she suddenly woke up, finding herself with her trousers removed and the man behind her. Her screams alerted 2 nearby tourists and the local Carabinieri stationed in Piazza Dante, who were patrolling the area. The Carabinieri chased the Senegalese man and arrested him.

The man is accused of sexual assault and has already been moved to the local jail Regina Coeli. Another shocking example of how many migrants cannot contain their sexual desires and often savagely attack vulnerable victims, even homeless old women. Just another day in one of the multicultural neighborhoods of Rome.

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