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Germany: Migrants Flown In By Night, 10,000 Every Month

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It’s often tempting to believe that the ‘migrant crisis‘ is over in Germany and Europe, and that the influx has stopped and now we must revert to addressing internal problems such as tolerance and that famous nonsense word ‘integration’. This is false. It is the product of false optimism sewn by the absence of televised coverage of an organised invasion, as we saw throughout much of 2015 and 2016.

In many ways, what we’re dealing with now is an even more cunning, organised and developed facilitation of Third World invasion. For the hordes no longer trek through open land in the Balkans, nor do they cross the Mediterranean on rickety rafts for the television cameras.

Now, thanks to questions asked in the Bundestag by AfD members, we now know that illegal aliens are being flown into Germany and, presumably, other parts of Europe, oftentimes under cover of darkness so as not to arouse the suspicions of local residents.

According to the Junge Freiheit, well in excess of 10,000 “asylum seekers” are arriving in Germany every month. In 2017, despite assurances from the Merkel regime that the borders were closed, 186,644 refugees were brought to Germany. A clever election ploy that temporarily halted the tidal wave of support for the anti-replacement Alternative für Deutschland, but now even somebody of Merkel’s power cannot stop the truth.

There is also a growing fear in Germany that the government has simply lost track of many of the foreigners within the country. Almost 2 years’ ago now, Merkel’s government was forced to admit they’d “lost” as many as 130,000 asylum seekers, many of whom could be undercutting wages through the black market, involved in organised crime or even plotting Jihad.

State Secretary Emily Haber, in response to an AfD request for information, confirmed that only a third of refugees were ‘questioned about their itinerary on arrival’. The small print of this propaganda exercise states that, in actual fact, only a third of migrants from 9 specific countries were questioned, meaning that the real percentage accounted for is just a fraction of what the government admits.

Now, as the Bundestag has a healthy contingent of AfD members, the CDU-SDP cronyism and migrant scandals are under fresh scrutiny. Expect many such stories to come your way in the near future!

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