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120Dezibel movement’s video TAKEN DOWN by YouTube

120Dezibel movement

The #MeToo movement is about exposing the corruption specifically in Hollywood but also more broadly in other industries about powerful men exploiting women. It has had great success in America with the exposure and subsequent expulsion of Harvey Weinstein and many others.

120Dezibel is the European offshoot of the #MeToo movement, with a twist. It is about exposing migrant violence, rapes, and links to terrorism.

While so called ‘feminists’ preach the virtues of a 7th century death cult and how hijabs ’empower’ women, real feminists and activist in Europe and in Iran take to the streets to protest their abuse at the hands of fanatics who would take their rights away under the guise of ‘religious freedom’.

After thousand of people watched the movement’s video, shared it and raised awareness, YouTube decided, in an Orwellian fashion, to censor it. It had no foul language, it had no graphic images, it was only a video of German women talking about their plight and about what has been happening all across Europe. Even so, their channel no longer has the video up.

It is important to note that this is a video strictly about trying to raise awareness and fix a real problem, there are no calls to violence, nothing radical. And the MSM along with Big Tech are taking down videos such as these while allowing pro-ISIS clips and countless fake news and conspiracy videos about Identitarians to remain.

The video and the movement’s activism has spread all across YouTube to other activists and people in the movement. This censorship has only emboldened the activists of 120Dezibel and will serve to spread the message further!



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