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“Reaching Beyond: What BAP Book Can Do For You”

The grammatical errors in this article are intentional and a part of the interviewee’s style.

Editor’s note

Alex: Henlo BAP fren.

BAP: I send many warm greetings to you and your cause! I send power!

A: I am glad you accepted our interview request. To start things off I wanted to ask you: What inspired you to write BAP book?

BAP: My book first come as idea after election. I wanted to provide not a book but short guide for the frogs: a guidepath after election in Trump era. For opportunities that arose things to do, things not to do. But I kept putting it off, a daimon kept holding me back. I saw many bad things, frogs misled by people on left and right and others worse still. Finally in winter of 2017-8 I decided to expand book to statement of philosophy of vitalism and power. I thought a more complete statement was needed. I included a guide, is in part four. But the first three parts, are exhortation for life of power, openness to vital force that is immanent inside all things and drives it to higher path. Full statement of my intention and what inspired me is in the Prologue. Not much might be added.

A: I have bought BAP book myself, reached third part. Extremely entertaining, many interesting points. You often mention two authors: Mishima and Nietzsche. In which ways did they influence you leading up to writing BAP book?



BAP: I believe Nietzsche hold key to great understanding of the world and of modern problem. Much trash is spread about him. Loki was right: a century of obfuscation! Finally BAP book shows the truth about his teaching. This was great compliment Loki paid me. I have tried to stay true to thought of Nietzsche, to show what it really means, to make it fresh and explain it to modern reader, to extend it a bit to our situation, and to my own peculiar understandings of what is happening. He was as you know great inspiration. I believe his spirit travels from body to body. He had lived inside Heraclitus, and after Nietzsche in others. I can’t say their names here. Many even on the right have false ideas about him, don’t see he holds key to our problems. I encourage all frogs to read him with fresh mind. Mishima was a man of high vision, high understanding, who followed also the thought of Nietzsche. You will not find thought of Nietzsche explained by “philosophers” who came after him (there aren’t any) or by garbage academics. Only a few artists and writers really understood him. Mishima is one such man. He turned his whole life in fact into a great art and a reaching beyond. He dedicated himself to surpassing personal foibles and particularities and ascended into a higher form, in a great act of self-overcoming and power. This is explained in his book Sun and Steel. But his other books are very good too and must be highly recommended for the frogs and others who want a mind free from modern pettiness and pollution.

A: The Bronze Age Mindset is portrayed as solution to decadence of Modern World. How did you whitepill yourself so that you think you can administer it to others? Would you consider your book as a tool to motivate readers?

BAP: My book is exhortation! I say this in first line. So of course yes: I hope to motivate readers, certain readers, to reach beyond the pettiness and corruption of modern world. I explain this inside. There are various false paths that also promise the same, but most of them are cop-outs. They ask you to retreat into consolation of religion, or of family, or of “culture” or “literature” or other such things, because they are afraid. Afraid to challenge the great tyranny that oppresses higher life, not just because of censorship, but also afraid in their own lives. They retreat into self-delusion. In fact of course some of the things I just mentioned can be very good, but none of them can take the place of the struggle I describe in my book. Ultimately it’s a turning away from things into the safety and cocoon of the dependent. So that other paths that claim to offer escape from this decadence, the other paths promoted now mainly I mean, they are almost all cop-outs and signals of submission to the demented order that exists now. They put up their ass like submissive baboon! Amazing. You ask how I whitepill. I don’t agree necessarily with this whitepill idea. You have no way to know which way the future turns, both pessimism and optimism are false in that sense. All we know now is we are surrounded by tawdry bleak jungle of demons and deformities. But you must allow vital force to course through you and struggle against all this. For this reason I always like Durer etching that Nietzsche like: Knight, Death, and the Devil. Look at the smile on the face of this knight! Look at what around him! Look at his smile and eyes! That is the feeling I want to transmit with Bronze Age Mindset.

A: BAP book has been a flash success, carried by friendly frogs from twitter to meatspace. Are you planning on expanding your writing career in the future?

BAP: Yes. There is a book coming in a few months…a book of great mystery…an erotic philosophical novel for women. I think the world will be amazed! And in the short term, look for my broadcast! I am now laundering it through a courier in Indonesia….a broadcast with my own voice, spreading good news to ends of the earth….and beyond….

A: For the people who are not familiar with the twitter environment that transported BAP book: Why buy BAP book?



BAP: You also ask what I would tell a stranger to get my book. It is simple, I’m trying to save mankind from being turned into a gimp. I try to save you from being a journalist. Also remember, I am the inspiration for Bannon and Jordan B Peterson. But even more than this, I am their master, they are my slaves. Most of the intellectuals today are my slaves, The only exception may be Nassim, but this is because he protected by a certain Phoenician daimon, I can’t say the name here.

A: Thank you very much for your time.

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