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Defend Europa Interviews… Richard Houck, Author of Liberalism Unmasked


This week, Defend Europa had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Houck, author of the popular new book: Liberalism Unmasked. Let’s jump straight in.

For those of our readers who don’t know who you are, please can you introduce yourself and give us a little background about what you do?

I’m an American writer. I consider myself a dissident as my views are generally abhorred by the current status quo and hegemony. My background is interesting in some ways. I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot and spend a lot of time alone observing the current political and cultural issues. Fortunately, I was able to spend the time necessary to write my observations down, not everybody has that opportunity. I spent a lot of time on trails and forest passages working on this book. Most of it was probably written that way, I would then come home and do a proper write up with research based on the notes I took while out hiking or on my bicycle.

I also had the opportunity to attend and graduate from a well-known university. I received a very classic “liberals arts” education with an emphasis on the social sciences. I was exposed to psychology, sociology, criminology, philosophy, geography, economics, history, and of course math and natural science. Many people have a very negative view of academia, probably well deserved. For me, however, it was an invaluable experience. The breadth of topics, the research, the depth in certain fields, the academic rigour, all made it possible to write a political treatise. I guess you could say I was “classically trained and radicalised” in the halls of academia.


Congratulations on the release of your first book, Liberalism Unmasked! What’s it about, and who are you trying to reach?

Thank you! Liberalism Unmasked is an analysis of Left-wing geopolitics and the people who hold these views. It very much addresses the white-Liberal question, while also discussing the effects other racial groups have on the West.


You describe Liberalism as being a mental illness. What do you mean by this?

Liberals exhibit so many irrational behaviours and hold so many conflicting ideas, that there is no other way to describe their thought patterns outside of a pathological mental illness.


Is Liberalism treatable?

Like any person suffering from mental illness, there is a spectrum. Some cases of any illness are more severe than others. The less severe cases can be treated. There are countless examples of former Liberals moving to the Right-wing. These are probably cases of successful “treatments”, if you will. Others have so much invested into their political ideology they will never wake up from the madness.


How much focus do you think we should put on converting these people over to our ideas?

I think there are certain factions of Liberals that are more likely to be persuaded than others. Working class Whites, for example, have a lot to gain by stopping mass migration and off-shoring of business. They can be won over with the right policy platforms. People who care for the environment and animal rights and those who are anti-war can be persuaded though pragmatic Right-wing environmental solutions and an isolationist foreign policy. This is, of course, predicated upon the notion that those who care about the working class or environmentalism or war or animals, care about these issues more than they care so-called diversity and the movement of aliens into our nations.

Those who are Liberals due to concerns of egalitarianism are likely too far along. These people are often the most warped, displaying a suicidal affinity for the “other.” They would happily resign their children to being despised and hated minorities in their own homelands, so they can feel good about granting asylum to boat-loads of alien men. These people are nothing but traitors engaging in sedition. They should all be sent to live in Somalia so they can finally experience the “diversity” they so desperately crave.


What percentage of people who espouse Liberal views do you think actually believe in them?

Most of them genuinely seem to think mass Third World migration places them on the “right side of history.” Many honestly believe Blacks are discriminated against in a systemic fashion. I think most truly believe in these fairy tales.


Considering that facts and statistics are on our side, is it possible that a number of Liberals just go along with the dominant morality because it’s “safe”?

It is very possible. Because the entire media, press, and academia are supportive of these views, there is a social benefit to going along with the program. They constantly have their ideas reinforced and recognised as “good” while facing no social or political or economic sanctions. It’s very easy to be a Liberal in society today. I hope to change that.

However, I do think most believe in it all the same. In the book, I discuss the way in which Liberals seem to process information. Something called Peripheral Route that comes from the Elaboration Likelihood Model which describes both shallow and deep information processing. Liberals do seem to believe and go along with these ideas both because the are safe, but also because they are either not motivated or not capable to analyse the information further.


Who should we blame for the presence of Liberalism? Those who have fallen for it, or those at the top who have spread the propaganda?

As much as I loathe the purveyors and early forerunners of this ideology, the mass-media, Marx, Trotsky, Boas, Celler, Javits, Marcuse, Adorno, Zangwill, Lazarus, Kristol, among others, the blame ultimately falls on those who give life to their lies. All of those named here and in the book, are vile, sick, perverted creatures. But what does that say about the people who listen to them? Who believe their theories without question? Who repeat their Party lines? There have always been subversive entities within civilizations acting in very bad faith, that has never changed, what did change was our acceptance of the demonic “values” they preach.


Where can people purchase Liberalism Unmasked?

It is available on the Arktos site, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, for Kindle, and Apple iBook. I could be missing a place or two.


What are your plans for the future? Anything in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

Many things in the works! I have projects lined up for the next few years. A comprehensives refutation of civic-nationalism, economic-nationalism, and libertarianism is one project. Another is the continuation of my “War Against Whites” series of articles, a book on public policy that will address some of the history and decisions that got us in this mess, and what the solutions will look like. After some of the more technical issues are addressed, I would like to shift a bit into a focus on our shared culture. I have this romantic idea of a cultural exploration that surveys food, architecture, local customs, and the like, from a perspective that European cultures are exceptional and absolutely must be preserved at all costs. I imagine a travel show that serves as a constant reminder of why we fight from an unapologetic pro-white view.


Richard’s academic, 444-page book is available on the above links and includes over 600 citations.

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