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Book Review: ‘Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants And Islam Screwed My Generation’, by Lauren Southern

Book Review: Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants and Islam screwed my Generation by Lauren Southern


There is a benefit to action and a benefit to inaction. Lauren Southern is a woman of action and is often mocked by inactive people who complain she doesn’t think enough, an issue that seems to pop up more often than normal because she is a woman with good looks, blonde hair and an upbeat attitude. A woman who has interviewed ‘refugees’ in the Calias Jungle, attempted to film a Bilderberg meeting in Germany and recently created a documentary called FARMLANDS about the White Farmers being targeted in South Africa (as well as soon to be released documentary, Borderless.) Lauren Southern has done a lot more for Right Wing causes and done a hell of a lot more journalism that most people ever will.

The reason I open up with this description is because this book really does define “The Alt-Lite” and despite it only coming out December 2016, it already feels like it’s old and dated.

It was less a manifesto of Lauren Southern’s beliefs than a summary of what the current cultural zeitgeist was at that exact moment in time. It feels more like a snapshot of the frustrations and angst that was shared across the upcoming generations as those feelings transitioned from unconscious to conscious. An international feeling, a yet badly articulated unrest, a discomfort with the current system. A discomfort with who we were told to look up to, what we were told to accept and even what we were told to mock. It’s a book cataloguing not the conclusion of a life of choices and decisions but the journey’s beginning.


The book is closer to a Booklet. It’s 82 pages long with wide sentence spacing and an above average font size. When Gavin McInnes said he couldn’t put it down, it’s because he didn’t have time before it was finished.

An upside to this is Southern wastes no time diving into her 1st Chapter (The West is Dying) which resonates well as she outlines all her frustrations with modern life and where she thinks the issues stem from. Outrage culture, hyper individualism, increasingly easy access to porn, fake counter-culture, the obsession with ‘Racism shaming’ and a corrupted education system that blinds rather than teaches.

‘And perhaps most revealingly, I’d never had to read George Orwell’s 1984. He’d been shelved to make room for a local writer’s story of a poor Indian boy… [Pg6]’

The chapter is mostly just a list of how cowardice, shame and diversity were upheld as Western values over… actual, Western Values. (Something she doesn’t actually articulate in the chapter)


Chapter 2 starts the trend of her chapter titles with: How Tenured Hippies Ruined Everything. (Watch the others and see if you can spot the pattern.)

This one uses two primary examples to outline the Marxist Indoctrination hubs that Universities have become, with one being a personal anecdote from Southern and another being the ‘Trigglypuff’ event.

The first one highlights the immaturity of modern professors who think themselves above reproach and how their negative attitudes are preventing University students from being able to easily push back against the Marxist nonsense they’re being taught inside the classroom. The second highlights how it’s increasingly difficult for outside speakers to come in and push back against the Marxist nonsense even OUTSIDE the classroom due to the… immaturity and negative attitudes of the students.

What is also strange, she says, about this growing backlash against dissent, is the Left that is now able to preach Marxism and Deconstructionism, achieved this power through Free Speech laws. And now that it is of no use to them, it must be removed to maintain a stranglehold on the public narrative. Southern doesn’t just claim this without reason however, she outlines the origins of the philosophy that has infiltrated Academia and who introduced it, ‘Their names are Michel Foucault, also known as the founding thinker of poststructuralism, and Jacques Derrida, also known as the founding thinker of deconstructionism. [Pg22]’ ending the chapter quite well by covering this insidious infiltration of the Universities and her view on how Free Speech has been restricted to maintain this viewpoint.

From this she moves into Chapter 3 (How Think-Tank Fogies Ruined Everything) to address how American Conservatives did nothing to stem this incoming tide of rabid Leftism, mocking those who called Trump a ‘vulgarian, populist demagogue’ [Pg25] and rolling her eyes at their outcries that he was ‘The end of TRUE Conservatism!’ Lauren Southern – like many others – doesn’t see this as an issue.

‘And you know what? It deserved to die. …because they grew to hate their own future, and the voters who would come to embody it. [Pg26] 1


Southern also echoes Andrew Breitbart 2 and almost all modern Right Wing leaders with the following statement:
With rare, rare exceptions, the anti-Trump “conservatives” were out of touch, boring, lame, ineffective, self-righteous losers without enough flare or original thought to headline an accountants’ convention. [Pg27]’

After this blatant shot across the bow Southern actually outlines where Neo-cons infiltrated the Conservative movement and made it the party of politeness and losing, where they were willing to give up ground on major political points in the vain hope they could achieve largely unfavourable goals. How they were not a positive part of the Conservative movement and instead a blight.


It was this Chapter, Chapter 4 (How Immigration is Ruining Everything), that I started to realise how I would end up describing this book. Whilst often a just rambling booklet bouncing from pop culture reference to political reference and back, there are also accurate and very concise descriptions of modern grievances. Chapter 4 uses two references to establish that Immigration is a problem-generating issue that gets exponentially worse as it increases. ‘In small numbers, it can be fine, and even improve your country’s makeup. But take too many in, and you lose the ability to assimilate them, and everything goes to s—t. [Pg37]’

Southern touches on welfare, abortion, jobs, economic stagnation and [the curse of] multiculturalism and how they all tie into Immigration. She does it concisely and well and as I said before Southern isn’t writing a detailed and meticulous scientific paper on the systematic infiltration of the West by subversive elements and who masterminded the plots by name, she’s outlining to what most of us, is the obvious. ‘They don’t want your vote to count unless the wise men in Brussels, or on Wall Street, or in the UN building, decide to allow it to count. [Pg46]’ At the time of writing however this train of thought was still badly articulated amongst the mainstream crowd.

To highlight this, Southern has to frustratingly outline that calling this mass immigration and push to accept illegals an aspect of Globalism, is not a conspiracy theory. That naming them Globalists, is not a conspiracy theory. That they themselves call it Globalism, themselves Globalists and state diversity is necessary for the process of preparing Europe for it’s transformation into a multi-cultural society. To us today Globalism seems so obvious and apparent that no-one would deny its existence or proponents but even just under 2 years ago, that wasn’t the case.
It’s nice to see unexpected encouragement like this in barely aged books, that in such a small time we’ve already managed to push the frame of discussion so far.


Chapter 5 (How Islam is Ruining Everything) touches on those Jihadists Southern mentions earlier throughout the book, and the chapter itself is easily the weakest chapter of the book. It can be summarised as “Look Islam is an issue, it is not compatible with our cultures and we need to stop pretending otherwise but I’m not sure about the details”. The chapter is only 7 pages long and this quote is the cherry on top of my summary.

‘So while the Leftists attack the Crusaders as evil imperialists, I’m going to be something very different. I’m going to be hoisting the flag and saying “Deus Vult.” [Pg56]’


Chapter 6 (How I Ruined Everything) and by I, Southern means the Millennial generation and how they seemed more intent on ruining the stability of society even faster than the Boomers that came before them.
‘My being at a public protest made people cry because they couldn’t handle even the presence of disagreement. [Pg58]’

The chapter title is a deception, the focus of Chapter 6 is Lauren making a case for free speech saying that because Millennials have been stuck in echo-chambers all their life they have become resilient to any other outside ideas, leading to the fragile generation that are unable to question things or consider thoughts in a certain direction without being ‘triggered’. This is the crux of Southern’s argument whenever it comes to Free Speech, repeating similar points from Chapter 2 that whilst the Left took control of the discussion through Free Speech, they established this steadfast grip by removing it once they were in positions of power.


Leading on from this, Chapter 7 (How to Stop Ruining Everything) opens right up with an attack on Communism and Globalism, calling them two sides of the same rusty old coin. She posits that they both push for Global control and both ignore the fundamental benefits of self-governance, she also emphasizes that she isn’t Hitler for supporting Nationalism in the same mildly embarrassing way she had to explain Globalism isn’t a conspiracy theory. Going back and reading over it is uncomfortable but she explains herself that most people still associated Nationalism with LITERALLY Hitler. From there she also outlines 4 markers that need to be met to prevent ‘everything being ruined’, and that is; Walls need built, immigrants need vetted & limited, Free Speech needs protected and Entitlement Culture needs destroyed. Her conclusion is that by achieving these 4 goals the West will recover from the rut it’s currently trying to pull itself out of and that Trump has heralded the rise of the Right Wing revolution, one to take back the West from the Globalists and return it back to the common people. Southern says without pursuing the 4 goals she mentioned, without removing the stigma of Nationalism and learning to protect itself, the West will cease to exist and will become a slowly devolving, crime ridden, lawless relic of the past.



The book is short and sweet. It isn’t a book for Right Wing philosophers or those who have spent years on certain Korean underwater basket weaving image boards. It’s meant to be for the friend who has been a Leftist all their life, for the young kid who isn’t sure what all this political stuff is about or a Boomer used to clickbait articles. Whilst light reading, it ends well and it’s well intentioned. Given Southern’s current pursuits it’s highly likely she wouldn’t write the same book that I just reviewed which is why I said at the start of the review that this book feels like a beginning. You can see where Southern stood 2 years ago and what her foundation was before covering the White killings in South Africa or confronting illegal immigration in Germany. She might not be Aristotle however she understands the threat, that the West is set to be over-run by dumb, fragile people who think the dystopia they have brought upon themselves was created by evil white men, and if nothing is done, those very white men will be at risk. With that, it’s probably a good thing she decided not to write another book and has instead gone out to confront the very issues she felt were an issue in the real world.

I don’t recommend this softcore read to everyone but I do recommend supporting Southern for standing by her principles with action rather than simply lamenting the past. Something many of us could learn from.




  1. Page 26 is one that upsets a lot of purity signallers. Mocking Rock Wilson’s statement that Trump supporters were “Childless, single losers who masturbate to anime.” Southern mockingly agrees. Except, she says, that she dresses up like Anime and guys masturbate to her. I think one reason this might irk so many people, is that it hits too close to home.
  2. If haven’t you read my last Book Review on the (late) Andrew Breitbart’s excellent 2011 book entitled ‘Righteous Indignation’, you should. If you can make it to the end without searching the book for purchase, I’ll be shocked.


Other Choice Quotes:
‘In short, left-wing politics had taken people whose natural calling was to be mothers (and probably very good ones at that), and turned them into surrogate parents/defenders of the most dysfunctional, broken adult populations, rather than of actual kids. [Pg60]’

‘We know the future, if left to the hands of the average millennial, is an Ugg boot stomping on a human face, forever.’

Note 37: ‘Sorry R9k, but not everyone can belong to the sociopathic autist Master Race. We need Chads and Staceys for something.’

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