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Book Review:”Identity Rising” by Julian Langness

Identity Rising: How Nationalist Millennials Will Re-take Europe, Save America, and Become the New ‘Greatest Generation’

Review written and submitted by a dear Identitarian follower, Julius

Julian Langness is a young American entrepreneur who has become passionately committed to the destiny of Europe. He sees with perfect clarity that some great crisis is approaching our continent, and a stark choice will have to be made between whether we wish to survive and flourish, or capitulate and die.

In a previous short book, arrestingly entitled ‘Fistfights with Muslims in Europe,’ Langness described his own travels into Islamified no-go areas in various European capitals. Seen as an alien outsider in these neighborhoods (Muslim neighborhoods don’t ’embrace diversity’, they only exploit it), he gets into street fights – and is usually soundly beaten. Interestingly, he expresses some admiration for his enemies, for their expertise in a fight, and for their fierce determination to protect their people and their turf. Rather than hating them, you feel he almost envies them, and only wishes that his own people – white Europeans – had as many guts nowadays.

In another haunting scene, he witnesses an elderly Austrian lady being mobbed outside an underground station in Vienna by a group of young blacks. Tall, strong, healthy but pusillanimous Austrian men pass by and do nothing. Finally, Langness himself steps in, tells the young hooligans to get lost – and they promptly vanish. Problem solved.

Identity Rising is a more substantial and closely-argued book than Fistfights, tracing the entire history of our present calamities, before arguing that now, at last, the bitter tide is turning. The Baby Boomers, the dregs of the sixties who rose to the top of the new totalitarian-liberal order that dominates our governments, our schools and universities, our media, church and legal system – the entire, corrupt ‘Establishment’ – are now losing their senile grip.

Still supporting them though, there remain plenty of sheep-like younger people, too feeble to resist their own indoctrination, too ignorant to see through the lies of the elite, and genuinely committed to the idea that the abolition of their own people and kindred, their own ancestors and descendants, somehow represents the highest justice.

But it is on those ‘Nationalist Millennials’ of the subtitle, those that have seen the light, that Julian Langness fixes his attention. This is what really marks out this book as a brilliant introduction to the Identitarian Movement, a movement of wholly honorable intentions, admirable self-discipline, and an overwhelming sense of justice and fairness for all: not just for certain special-interest groups or ethnically exotic populations, but for all – and that includes white Europeans and their right to their own ancestral homelandsMeanwhile, catastrophically, mass Third World immigration into Europe remains the political cause, as Langness astutely puts it, by which our traitorous political leadership and their supporters see, or wish to see, ‘their own generosity and “humanitarianism” reflected back at them.’

Yet Identity Rising is a book full of cheerfulness and hope, completely free from bitterness or hatred – as the identitarian movement must be if it is to mobilize a still quiescent majority. Langness writes with great clarity and high intelligence (he says at one point that both his parents are US professors of anthropology, and it shows.) The book is chockfull of hard evidence, fully referenced and footnoted, and sometimes very funny – as when Langness reminds us of the glorious moment when Donna Zuckerberg, the somewhat privileged sister of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, wrote a long, meandering article castigating young right-wing men for their ‘privilege.’ You have to laugh.

Langness is particularly intrigued by r/K selection theory, as are many on the right. (Another key text to read on this all-important subject is Dr. Jim Penman’s Biohistory.) In very simple terms, Biohistory argues that over time, civilization itself tends to make people weaker, more submissive and less capable. The ‘decadent Romans versus hardy barbarians’ idea is hardly new, but r/K selection theory adduces real science in support of it.

And the longer, more stable and more broadly peaceful any society or civilization, the feebler and less observant of approaching dangers its people will be. England today, for instance, has been a single kingdom that has not known invasion for an astonishing one thousand years. Still generally pleasant, comfortable and prosperous, it also seems utterly incapable of discerning the threat of its own demise.

On the other hand, peoples from much tougher environments, who have known poverty, war, and high mortality, will have a much keener sense of group identity, close-knit interests, a deep-seated mistrust of outsiders, and a readiness to resort to violence. Today’s Third World immigrants fall into this category very clearly. The ‘predatory’ nature of today’s black and Muslim populations, evidenced in their sexual aggression and high criminality, confirm this. Young black or Arab males, arriving in the rich, soft, feminized societies of modern Europe, are like wolves moving into a house full of labrador puppies. According to r/K selection theory, this aggressiveness is not something intrinsic to them, on account of their darker skins. We too, the Europeans, were predatory and wolf-like when we crossed the Atlantic, conquered the New World, colonized Africa and India … But we’ve changed since then, become more trusting, more peaceful, more ‘liberal.’ Our tragedy is, the rest of the world hasn’t – and we don’t seem to realize this.

Can the process be reversed? Can over-civilized and softened Europeans awake to the danger? Like other thinkers, Langness suspects that it will take something pretty serious for Europe to be shaken back to reality and truth: economic collapse, sudden environmental shutdown, or just ever-increasing levels of crime, violence and social decay … London now has a higher murder rate than New York, after all. Recent victims have names like Saeeda Hussain, Israel Ogunsola, and Amaan Shakour. Can we assume that their murderers came from the same, um, “communities”? Yes, we can.

Langness is becoming one of the most impressive voices of the movement, and you should read his book with avidity. He also runs a website,, and has a new Youtube channel, Conquering Modernity, where he discusses identitarianism along with other key issues like masculinity, and financial independence from the world of corporate servitude: well worth checking out.

His stirring final paragraph deserves to be quoted in full:

God willing, we in the Millennial Generation will not go down in history as the last generation of “last men” who allowed our civilization to die, but rather the opposite: as the generation that awoke from the madness it was born into, and ushered in the West’s rebirth.’

Aux Armes!

More book reviews in the future!

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Julian Langness twitter: @J_Langness 

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