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Why I Did a Month Long Social Media Detox and Why You Should Too

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During November it hit me, social media had taken over too much of my day’s time, hours wasted scrolling endlessly trying to catch the newest news or the latest trends so I could comment… it had to stop.

I decided to embark on a 30 day journey, free of social media, from November 20. to December 20., that ended three days ago and I can say now that I have fixed my relationship with social media and the way I interact with it.

It’s so easy isn’t it… to fall into the habit of opening your social media app of choice and scroll through it when you’re bored… On a bus, on the tram, maybe even a quick glance, just to see what’s happening, during a conversation.

The programming is everywhere

But it is this habit that entraps us in a cycle. We all know that social media acts like a drug, but did you know that almost every aspect of it is crafted to be addictive ? From the colours, to the sounds, to the way you can scroll endlessly through it… the intent is to keep you on it and use the information that you provide, usually for ads but for other, less…civilised purposes too.

What I’m saying is this: social media is a drug that creates the problems that it then fixes.

It is this way with many problems in our contemporary society. But there is a simple way to fix it. To break the cycle.

Quit the addiction, cold-turkey style.

This is a surefire way to beat that urge you feel to check ‘what’s up’ when you know you have better, more important things you should be doing.

Do this for 30 days:

  • Log out of all social media accounts, on your phone, computer, tablet, you name it.
  • Delete the apps from your phone (really helps and shows you’re commited)
  • Do not open any social media for 30 days

I did it, you can too. The world won’t stop turning, you won’t miss anything vitally important, there will be new memes.

What’s important is that you will reset your brain chemistry, it will literally get rewired to fix your dopamine network. You will return to a more baseline dopamine level after years of non-stop dopamine spikes every few minutes.

It isn’t difficult, and it helps a lot, many people need to do it. I invite everyone to try it!

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