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The Red Squirrel Pill

The Red Squirrel Pill

In 1876, the grey squirrel was released in Henbury Park in Cheshire as a decorative adornment to the park’s collection of animal and plant life. At the time, the Victorians were unaware of the dangers of introducing non-native species. Unlike the Victorians, we had no such excuses. We were warned of the dangers of mass immigration and did nothing.


Introduction of the Grey Squirrel

The grey squirrels were introduced in numerous locations around the country and they took to their new habitat extremely well. So well in fact, that within 25 years they had colonised around 300 miles from Argyll to Stirlingshire in Scotland.

The grey’s success has been explained by them being able to out compete the red squirrels for food as well as being prolific breeders. By having 2 litters a year of between 3 and 7 kits, there are now 66 grey squirrels for every red. They also carry the squirrel pox virus which while not harmful to greys, is a serious and sometimes fatal infection for the reds.


Decimation of the Red Squirrel

Some people have blamed the loss of habitat on the decline of the red squirrels, yet before the arrival of the grey, the red’s numbers were growing due to an increase in woodlands being planted. Since 1900, while many of our ancient woodlands have been destroyed, woodland in the UK as a whole has more than doubled, yet the red squirrels’ numbers have been decimated from 3.5 million to just 250,000, with most of them in Scotland.


Squirrel Populations

The parallels between the native squirrels and the native people of our islands are striking. I’ll refrain from discussing these similarities however, as I’m sure most of you are well aware of the effects of mass immigration. Instead, I want to talk about what we are doing to help save the red squirrel and the lessons we can learn to help save ourselves.


Saving the Red Squirrels

The method of choice for conserving red squirrel populations has been to cull the greys. The problem with this though, is that once one population of greys has been removed, a neighbouring population simply moves in. Without the constant conservation efforts of controlling the grey populations, the reds will simple become extinct.

Realising this, we have now looked to mother nature for a solution. Pine martens have been reintroduced in certain areas and as the greys are easier prey for them, they have seen grey numbers plummet while reds have increased. It is believed the reason for this is due to the greys being completely unaware of the threat that pine martens pose as they had no such predators in their native habitats to contend with. It should be noted however, that it will take decades for pine martens to recover to densities such that culling greys is no longer required.

Mother nature also ensures that only the fittest survive. The grey squirrels themselves used to be affected by the poxvirus until those who survived it developed antibodies to protect them. The same has been happening in some red squirrel populations, with evidence showing around 10% of a population of reds developing antibodies to protect them from the deadly virus.


Saving Ourselves

Unlike the red squirrels, we have no-one to help conserve us. Indeed, quite the opposite. The globalists and their traitorous puppets are wilfully exacerbating our own extinction. We can rely only on ourselves or mother nature.

The focus of many ethno-nationalists has been to awaken our people, as surely once they realise how they have been betrayed, they will rise up and rectify the situation. This thinking is delusional. What did our people do after Rotherham, Manchester, Paris and Telford? They did nothing. Worse than that, they didn’t just tolerate it, they embraced it. They celebrated the diversity that caused it. What did the men in our own movement do? Nothing. Instead we got angry on social media and talked tough about what we’ll do to grey squirrels.

In the recent local elections 64% of people never voted, in the last general election 31% didn’t bother. Our people spend their time watching crap on TV and online while they are either too lazy or incapable to cook, so they stuff themselves with junk food. Nearly 25% of our people of working age are economically inactive, another 4% are unemployed. 67% of our men and 57% of our women are overweight or obese and our school and university standards are constantly being lowered because we are getting dumber by the year. I hate to break it to you, but if you think the masses are in any way capable, let alone willing to rescue themselves, you haven’t been paying attention.

We have a system that is designed to make us as useless and dependent as possible. We are incapable of doing the most menial of tasks for ourselves. The worse of us are encouraged to breed while the best of us are economically punished and propagandised from doing so. As a result of our degenerate environment and our dysgenics we are becoming increasingly weaker. We have facilitated our own destruction at every turn and we are accelerating towards it.

It is these people who are dragging us down, not the globalists, not the traitors, but our own people. Our enemies know exactly what they are doing, and they will make sure that our people are kept as docile, dependent and useless as possible, right until the very end. There will be no mass awakening, no uprising and no renaissance. If we concentrate all our efforts in trying to rescue all our people, they will just drag us all down with them.


A New Approach

Instead, let’s focus on the people who can be saved and who want our help. Let’s focus on ourselves and like-minded people. Just as conservationists attempting to save the red squirrels have realised that mother nature is the best remedy, so must we. In the recent snow storms in the UK, due to our just-in-time distribution systems, many of our shop shelves were emptied within 24 hours. Within 48 hours there would have been nothing left. How long do you think most of our people could survive? The truth is that the overwhelming majority of our people would be incapable and completely unprepared. Just like the red squirrels developing antibodies to the poxvirus, the strongest among us must develop antibodies to protect us against our current societies. How many of us look to our present system and believe that it is in any way sustainable? When and how this cesspit of a society will disintegrate is anyone’s guess, but I see absolutely no way of turning it around.

Rather than trying to rescue a sinking ship we need to prepare our lifeboats. We need to improve our own skills, knowledge and capabilities. We must secure the resources we are going to need to make ourselves self sufficient and it’s crucial we build networks and communities to support each other with these goals. Rather than complain about the horror that living in our modern world has become, we need to build our own world once more. There is no point complaining about the indoctrination poisoning our children while we still send them to public schools. It is futile complaining about the system that destroys us while we prop it up with our jobs, taxes and lifeblood. And there is no point in trying to awaken a people who neither have the capacity, capability or will to help themselves. We must come to realise that most of our people are beyond help. That is a bitter pill to swallow, but ingest it we must, otherwise we’ll spend our precious time and energy wasting it on people who’ll at best only be a burden to us.

In my view, our current approach is a massive distraction from more important work. From now on I’ll be concentrating on the afore mentioned aims. We cannot do this openly as ethno-nationalists as we simply attach a massive target on our backs, we need to be smarter than that. As such I’ll be closing my YouTube channel and limiting my Twitter account under the Red Squirrel alias. In time I’ll create accounts under my real identity focussing on these goals. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same.


Which Way Western Man?

We have reached a crossroads and we all need to decide what path to follow. The problem is that all established roads lead to the same rotten destinations. I think many of us realise It’s time to forge our own path once more. They say that you can tell the pioneers as they’re the ones with the arrows in their backs. Well, I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine. Which way western man?




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