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Paralysed By Fear & The Art Of The Start

Paralysed by Fear

If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t really matter how you get there. But when you do know where you’re going, yet never set off on your journey, then all the planning in the world becomes irrelevant. This inability to make a decision or simply to start, is commonly known as paralysis analysis. When you dig a little deeper though, it isn’t analysis that is paralysing us, it’s fear.

Acknowledge Our Fear

So how do we overcome paralysis caused by fear? Well the first step is acknowledging the fear. It isn’t over analysis that prevents people taking action, it’s fear of the consequences of those actions. Fear of having made the wrong decision, fear of failing, fear of looking stupid and fear of letting people down. As ethno-nationalists we also have more immediate fears. We are afraid of losing our jobs, our homes, and our status if our beliefs are made public. On top of this we are afraid of becoming persecuted minorities in our own countries, we are afraid of the kind of nations’ our descendants will inherit and we fear for the continued existence of our people.

Examine Our Fear

That’s a lot of fear. Nevertheless, we should acknowledge that it isn’t the task at hand that’s preventing us from acting. It is fear that’s the real obstacle. Some of these are real fears and cannot be dismissed, many though are merely imagined or exaggerated. When we make a wrong decision, we have learned something and our next decision will be better as a result. The only real failure is in giving up, even worse is never starting in the first place. We will have many setbacks and failures on the road ahead, but as long as we learn from them and improve, we shall prevail. The people who laugh and criticise from the side-lines while better people take action, reveal themselves to be the pathetic cowards they are and we should take no heed of them. Anyone whose intentions are good and who has worked to improve the lives of our people should never feel they have let us down, even if the results of their endeavours don’t work out as they had hoped. We must always give credit to those who have the courage to get in the ring.

Assess Where We Stand

Once we’ve acknowledged and examined these fears, we must conduct an honest appraisal of where we currently stand. In the UK, the latest ONS figures reveal that 40% of children born were non-white British. The most recent Department of Education figures show that 32% of primary and 29% of secondary school children are also non-white British. When we consider the current state of multicultural Britain with an 81% white British population (2011 UK census) and factor in the current “legal” and illegal immigration of at least 880,000 per year into a population of around 68 million along with the boomers starting to die off, we can see that things are going to get very bad, very quickly. Some of our nations fare better than this, some unfortunately are in even more precarious positions.

And what of the current state of our movement? Constant in-fighting, a lack of trust in each other, a lack of transparency in many of our “leaders”, an inability to unite, even over the most crucial and common of causes and little dedicated resources or capabilities.

We must also contend with the secondary gains that are sabotaging our efforts. Secondary gains are the benefits people gain from not overcoming a problem. Those views, likes, donations and dopamine hits coming in for constantly dishing out the black pills are hard to resist. Negativity bias is baked into our DNA and social media has been designed to feed off of these most primal instincts. We also have our fair share of intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals who enjoy nothing more than to deliberate, discuss and design in the minutest of details how the ethnostate will function. A few of them even have suggestions for how we’ll get there. Of course even less of them ever lift a finger to actually bring about these magnificent visions of theirs. I guess there’s more notoriety and money in talking about doing something than actually doing it. I don’t mean to call out or shame these people and I’m sure I’ve been guilty of similar behaviours myself, but we need to recognise it for what it is and neutralise the threat. Worse of all however, we have the spergs and the imbeciles who seek to divide us at every opportunity in ever more desperate and embarrassing pleas for attention. While many of our people are paralysed with fear and suffering from absolute hopelessness, there will always be plenty of prey for the LARPers to feast on. These people simply need culled from the movement as they have no redeeming features whatsoever.

Let’s be honest, it’s dire. Yet, we are still growing. The day to day horrors our people are faced with all but guarantees this. I’m constantly impressed by the people our movement attracts and the skills, expertise and knowledge that they bring to the table. And this is the most frustrating part of our current state. We have the capacity, the capability and the resources to achieve our goals but we aren’t utilising them.

Getting From Here To There

While paralysis analysis has to be avoided, analysis itself is crucial. We know where we are and we know where we want to go, how do we get there? If our people have built something before, we can build it again. All we need to do is, reverse engineer it. It sounds simple doesn’t it. The reason it sounds so simple, is because it is. Let’s not confuse simple and easy though. For none of this will be easy, but if we break down the tasks we need to perform into smaller, achievable and identifiable sub goals, then we already have our path laid out in front of us. Our paths won’t all be the same however, as the state of play is different in all our nations, but where we can we must support each other’s goals and objectives, otherwise our enemies will pick our countries off one by one and we’ll all go the way of South Africa.

Once we have our sub goals mapped out we need to set deadlines for them, and we must stick to them. The conditions will never be perfect to start and we will have no shortage of people telling us how we can’t, shouldn’t and mustn’t do something. We now know these people are just afraid and cowardice will get us nowhere. Instead it must be acknowledged, faced and conquered. We all know in our own personal lives how easy it is to fool ourselves and to make excuses, and we all know these excuses we tell ourselves are mostly bullshit. Collectively we’ve been doing the same thing and unless we tackle this perennial procrastination nothing will change.

Let’s Start

Ultimately, we need to get serious. We have the people, we can gain the know-how, we will increase our capabilities and we shall acquire the necessary resources. The greatest resource we have is our people and it’s time we put them to work. Our ancestors had a lot less in facing the many threats they overcame. The only thing we are lacking that they had in abundance is the courage to start. It’s time we found it.

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