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One Man’s Trash Is Another’s Globalism

Environmentalism and conservation used to be cornerstones of liberalism, but that is no longer the case. To say nothing of the host of problems “diversity” causes or the environmental degradation that is always endemic to over-population, we are importing people who have proven that they do not care about the environment or about conservation whatsoever. Illegals crossing the border in the state of Arizona in the United States discard four million pounds of garbage annually, destroying the natural ecosystem. Globally, nearly all of the world’s pollution, de-forestation, and environmental damage comes courtesy of the Third World and China. Consider the following:

  • The twenty worst cities globally for air pollution are: Onitsha (Nigeria), Peshawar (Pakistan), Zabol (Iran), Rawalpindi (Pakistan), Kaduna (Nigeria), Aba (Nigeria), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Al Jubail (Saudi Arabia), Mazar-e Sharif (Afghanistan), Gwalior (India), Hamad Town (Bahrain), Allahabad (India), Shijiazhuang (China), Karachi (Pakistan), Dammam (Saudi Arabia), Umuahia (Nigeria), Raipur (India), Kabul (Afghanistan), Ma’ameer (Bahrain), and Bushehr (Iran).
  • The nations with the highest levels of air pollution are: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Cameroon, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, India, and Libya.
  • The nations with the lowest levels of air pollution are: New Zealand, Brunei, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Finland, the United States, Iceland, Estonia, and Spain.
  • The top five nations with the highest carbon dioxide emissions per capita are: Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The nations with the most deaths from air pollution are: Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, India, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.
  • The nations with the fewest deaths from air pollution are: Sweden, Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, Finland, Cameroon, Iceland, Norway, the United States, and Spain.
  • The twenty countries with the most polluted urban areas are: Pakistan, Qatar, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, India, Bahrain, Nepal, Ghana, Jordan, China, Senegal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Peru, Serbia, and Iran.
  • The twenty countries with the least polluted urban areas are: Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, Estonia, Finland, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Liberia, Japan, Bhutan, Norway, Malta, Portugal, Spain, the United States, Monaco, Malaysia, and Luxembourg.
  • According to the World Health Organization data spanning from 2008-2016, eleven of the twelve worst cities in the world for mean concentration of particulate matter in the air were in India, with the other in Cameroon. The majority of the top three hundred cities were found in China alone.
  • 95% of the plastic waste that is choking our oceans comes from just ten rivers, eight of which are in Asia, while the other two are in Africa; among the primary offenders are the Yangtze River (727 million pounds of plastic waste per year), the Xi, Dong, and Zhujiang Rivers (233 million pounds), and the Ganges River, (1.2 billion pounds). China produces by far the most plastic waste that winds up in the world’s oceans—a whopping thirty times more than the United States!
  • Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and the United States have the strongest environmental democracy laws, whereas Belize, Cambodia, and Jordan have the worst.
  • Countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Mozambique, Zambia, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Thailand are doing very poorly in their efforts to protect endangered species, as evidenced on the World Wildlife Fund’s scorecard. The demand for exotic animal parts, such as rhinoceros horn, is primarily driven by the Asian market, especially in China.
  • According to Yale’s Environmental Performance Index, the top ten nations in the world for environmental stewardship and conservation are, in order: Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Malta, and France. The bottom ten are: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Mali, Chad, Afghanistan, Niger, Madagascar, Eritrea, and Somalia as the worst.

Due to high time preference, the Third World nations are rapidly destroying the rainforest for more pasture for cattle, but per the Growing Air Foundation, if they harvested the sustainable products of the rainforest such as nuts, fruits, medicinal extracts, and essential oils, they would reap an average of $2,400 per acre U.S., as opposed to $60 for cattle and $400 for timber. Those carbon emissions the Left is so keen to cripple our respective economies over (see: the Paris Accord)? Trees need carbon dioxide the same way we need oxygen; an acre of trees can store 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide and produce enough oxygen for eighteen people per year! Per North Carolina State University’s Trees of Strength website: “The evaporation from a single tree can produce the cooling effect of 10 room size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.” Global warming, solved. What about clean drinking water? Trees act as a natural filter of rainwater and help shield aquifers from pollutants. Trees also stave off soil erosion and have been proven to trap other harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide.

If Leftists are so concerned about global warming, why have they ceased discussing the de-forestation and environmental devastation of this fragile ecosystem? Why are they only concerned with tamping down white birth rates and hobbling Western economies to “save the planet,” but will turn a blind eye to the fact that the respective populations of most sub-Saharan African countries is set to triple or quadruple by the end of the century, or that rapidly-industrializing nations such as China have rendered huge swathes of their country so polluted as to be uninhabitable?

Just as feminists only care about fictitious cases of rape or the odd instance that they can shoe-horn into their narrative while they ignore the systemic and industrial-scale rape of white girls and women both in the UK and on the continent, environmentalism for the Left is only applicable in anti-white contexts. The “wonders” of globalism only flow one way; to quote Dr. Andrew Joyce:

This refrain about traffic moving in “both directions,” is one of the more insidious and disingenuous ploys of the open borders advocates. Indeed, it is at the core of the effort to convince Whites that by abandoning their borders they too will be “set free.” But how long will be the line be for flights from New Hampshire to Mogadishu? From Copenhagen to Damascus? In the nightmarish realization of the dreams of [Steve] Cohen, [Bryan] Caplan, and their swelling numbers of colleagues, there will be no traffic in “both directions.” There will be an almighty surge from all dark corners of the earth to those parts of it where the last dim light of civilization yet glows.[1]

If the Left truly cared about the environment, they’d find a way to pressure their governments into introducing harsh economic sanctions on nations that did not practice sustainability regarding fragile eco-systems such as the rainforest, or on those that introduced excessive pollutants into the atmosphere or discarded huge volumes of effluvium into the world’s rivers and oceans. Additionally, there are over 90,000 cargo ships crisscrossing the world’s oceans facilitating global trade; each one emits fifty million times more pollution than a car annually. Remember “Buy Local”? Not such a bad idea. It seems like only the Right genuinely cares about the environment anymore, and that is because the Left has created a worldview that is profoundly ahistorical, divorced from reality, and grotesque in its decadence and lack of proportion. From behind the wheels of their Priuses or the walls of their gated communities, Leftists fervently spout the officially-sanctioned superficial platitudes that have no real-world applicability and even less intellectual weight behind them. All that matters to them is harming whites, even if that means killing Planet Earth.



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