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Large White European Families: Movies to Suggest to Your Friends

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As one is aware, the media uses constant propaganda against White people. They discreetly promote them to have less children, they show many non-Whites throughout the media and very often promote interracial dating through the streams of adverts. Now, there is nothing wrong with people being mixed-race, however the issue is, is that it is being used as a weapon against Europeans in their homelands in order to replace them.

Image result for cheaper by the dozen
The Baker family in Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

However, propaganda (the great weapon of the establishment in other words) can be used in the favour of indigenous Europeans also. There have been several movies which show large White families, so if there is a viewer reading that is afraid of speaking the truth to a family member or friends, then they could suggest several of these movies to their friends in order to normalise the idea of large, healthy, White families, instead.

Below I have listed three movies. One of them is Cheaper by the Dozen which has two films in its series. It is a movie based on a White family which has 12 children. Of course, they show all sibling conflicts that occur in a big family, but they will always provide pleasant memories compared to the life of an only child.

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The Von Trapp Children with Maria the Nanny in Sound of Music (1965)

We must also mention the Von Trapp family in the Sound of Music. Although it may have only been relevant in an older generation, it is beneficial for us Europeans to revisit old times to remind us of the pleasant life before ‘diversity’ quotas in the entertainment industry. Besides, there is a range of pleasant and cheerful songs to brighten up ones day.






Related image
The Children from the Brown family, Nanny Mcphee (2005)

And if you are searching for another movie which is fairly more recent, then a pleasant example would include the children’s movie Nanny McPhee which is based on a nanny who possesses the power of sorcery to try and control the mischief from the seven children she is brought in to look after (the Brown family). This movie is also set in the Victorian era.


Despite the fact there is the constant propaganda that is used against White Europeans, there are people who do wish to have larger families and there are ways which we can use weapons against us into our favour.

Overall it should be encouraged for proud nationalists to recommend these movies to their friends where they can see the joys (plus the negatives!) of a larger family ,but despite that, it is more enjoyable compared to a life in solitude.

As a side point, another thing that we should consider is welfare. This helps immigrants support their large families in European countries so why don’t the native Europeans use this to their advantage also?

Below are links to the trailers of these movies and there are other recommendations not included in the main text. (Cheaper By the Dozen Trailer) (Cheaper By the Dozen 2 Trailer) (Sound of Music Trailer) (Nanny McPhee Trailer)

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