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Food Culture Wars: Taking Back Our Food Chain

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If we are what we eat, then we need look no further for the cause of our people’s degenerate state. While there has been transient resistance to the all-out attack on our cultural heritage, perhaps the most integral part of it has been sacrificed and largely disowned. Our food culture.

“Apart from the incredible range of restaurants………”, is how many a refrain to the multicultural hell heaved upon us begins. We even use it ourselves as a meme against the kind of warped logic that puts the availability of curry over the safety of our children. Yet in doing so, we surrender one of the closest connections we have to our blood and our soil.

When the gulag survivor, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn taught us that to destroy a people you must first sever their roots, we didn’t listen. Nothing roots a people to each other and to their land more than their food. It comes from our own soil, created and cooked by our own hands in synthesis with our own surroundings. Our food is an embodiment of everything we are as a people. Our ancestors, our environment, our traditions, our religion, our politics, our desires and our ingenuity are all on display, in every plate of food we eat.

Or at least, they used to be. Our connection to our food was the first root to be severed and shamefully, instead of defending our food culture, we abandoned it. At first, we were disconnected from our land. Instead of growing our own food and providing meaningful work for our own people, we outsourced it to other nations that could do it cheaper. We became detached from our climate when we imported ingredients wholly out of sync with our own seasons. The connection between our food and ourselves was lost by embracing processed and convenience foods. We were driven from our own food identity into any and every food culture from around the globe, as long as it wasn’t our own. And we embraced it. Every single part of it.

The result of this is that we have lost the vital connection between ourselves, our ancestors and our land. While the profits from the conglomerates who supply most of our food have soared, we now eat a diet largely made up of rootless, processed, synthetic, poisonous, soul crushing and unhealthy rubbish. We have become what we have eaten.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it mustn’t be this way. We must reconnect ourselves to our own food culture and heritage. By basing our diets on the food we grow in our own communities, we do several things. We reconnect with our land, our people and our environment. Our local economy is strengthened by buying from local businesses and producers. Additionally, our diet and health are improved immeasurably by eating real, nutritious food that we can trace back to the source.

By eating seasonally, we return to being in tune with our natural environment, instead of fighting against it. Not only is this beneficial from a health and nutrition perspective, but also from a spiritual one. When we are one with nature we are happier and healthier.

By rediscovering the traditional recipes of our regions, we re-establish that relationship with our ancestors. Our lives revolve around food. From our daily meals to our most significant moments, the food we eat, interweaves its way through our own personal histories. When we celebrate, commiserate, congratulate or commemorate, we must do it in accordance with our own traditions and our own culture. By preserving our food, we preserve ourselves.

This process needn’t be expensive. The healthiest the British population has ever been was at the end of the second world war, during the height of rationing. The war also heralded a boom in self-sufficiency, with the UK going from producing a mere 30% of its own food, to over 75% by the end of the war. If they could keep themselves in good health and good spirits then, there is certainly no reason why we can’t do the same now.

At Defend Evropa, we recognise the importance of improving the health and well being of our people. Rather than merely talking about it, we are aiming to create a resource that will provide us with the tools, skills and knowledge to accomplish it. As part of this, I’ll be concentrating on our diet and nutrition.

Each week I’ll be sharing recipes and stories about the food culture and history of Europe. I’ll keep you informed of the ingredients coming into season and the types of foods we should be eating for optimal health and well-being. We must once again firmly root ourselves to our land and our people. Our food was the first thing they took from us and it’s the first thing we’re taking back.

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