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Ideology » The World Has Turned Right, So Where’s This Liberal Hegemony Coming From?

The World Has Turned Right, So Where’s This Liberal Hegemony Coming From?

Liberal or not?

Yesterday’s election of Captain Jair Bolsonaro to Brazil’s highest office engendered a realisation within; the world’s largest countries, by population, GDP and relative influence, have nationalists/illiberal populists occupying their executive branch of government. Yet we are all too acutely aware that we’re still living under a globalist, liberal dystopian hegemony. Our freedom to think, speak and associate is under even greater threat now than it ever has been. What on earth is going on?

The United States of America is the world’s largest country, in terms of economic and military power and, with over 300 million inhabitants, also one of the most populous. In 2016, the American people ended years of globalist dominance by electing Donald Trump on a platform of reorientation towards a more nationalistic agenda. In many ways this has been realised, but even his staunchest supporters will agree there’s still more to do. And, of course, we can not expect one man to do it all by himself, so there’s still more work to do at the ballot box which one hopes can be accomplished in due course. Yet the American people are witnessing the greatest assault on their freedoms in all of their history.

Around the world, America’s greatest adversaries have a long history of nationalist-minded politics. China, the world’s second largest country by GDP, the largest by population and an emerging military superpower, has perhaps the most nationalistic government in the developed world. Yes, they’re ostensibly Communists, but their actions are thoroughly nationalistic. Similarly, Russia is governed by strong-man Vladimir Putin who, we can all probably agree, is a Russian nationalist through and through. India, too, is governed by Prime Minister Modi and his Hindu Nationalist parliament and brand of politics.

India is an emerging regional power and the world’s second most populous country behind China. Japan and South Korea, too extremely wealthy nations in the far east and regional powers in their own rights, are governed by politicians that in Europe would be easily characterised as ‘far-right’. Even down in Australia, the government there is, for the most part, illiberal and patriotic, anti-immigration and conservative. Then we have all of Africa, which is governed by, for the most part, black nationalists and anti-globalists. The Middle-East, too, is governed almost entirely by governments and monarchies that are the opposite of what Europeans would call liberal. Even in Europe, the number of nationalistic governments in the European Union actually exceeds the number of globalist governments. Even Israel has a nationalistic government.

All of this begs the question; just where is this liberal, globalist agenda coming from? One could get rather conspiratorial in the answer, perhaps accusing some of these “nationalistic” leaders of being wolves in sheep’s clothing, hiding their globalist agenda behind the façade of illiberal nationalism. But, given the media hostility towards these figures, it’s hardly likely to be the case. Although, maybe this aids us in answering the question, at least in part. Because the media, despite its waning influence over the Western peoples, is still pushing an agenda in favour of globalist liberalism, pretending to the people that it’s the “correct” way of thinking and de-legitimising nationalist leaders in their own nations. The press in the West is instigating the hate mobs against all forms of patriotism and illiberalism and orchestrating the campaign to undermine any form of government that doesn’t suit its narrative.

That deals with the propaganda arm of the project. The enforcers, those who are committing the assault on our freedoms and traditional ways of life, aren’t the media or the politicians or even the “deep state”. As the latest debacle with Gab’s de-platforming and the long running saga of Social Media censorship demonstrates, those behind this are in fact private individuals. They are the small group of mega-rich individuals who control the internet and, for want of a better phrase, the “means of production” in all Western nations. They determine whether you work, how much you earn, where you live and under what conditions, what you may say online and even use their power and influence to leverage legislation from unwilling politicians who simply don’t have a choice. They could refuse, but then these banksters and capitalists could simply wreck the economy of said politicians’ nations, thus there is really no option.

What this demonstrates is that the people’s representatives are not in control of their countries. The real wielders of power are a cabal of super-rich Gangsters who own all the press, the private sector industry, Social Media and everything else on top. These are the people who hold the power. Not Trump, not Putin, not even President Xi or the incoming Captain Bolsonaro. Whilst these Gangsters still control our economies – and therefore our societies – there’s no hope of being able to endue our leaders with the power to effect the changes we need.


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