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Yellow Vests Explained: Nationalism vs Globalism

Yellow vests

In this article I’ll be explaining the reasons behind the yellow vests “Gilets Jaunes” protests and why they’re important for the whole of Europe.

Different Visions of the Future

The divide that we have seen widen and manifest in these protests is the one between the common people and the ruling class. These two have differing, competing visions for the future of their countries.

On the one hand we have the globalist vision, where all countries are intertwined in a macro-regional union, the EU is a prime example, so it would be the AU (African Union) ASU (Asian Union, hypothetically) NAU (North American Union)… you get the point. Then, these Unions would be overseen by a Global body like the UN, only much more powerful and much worse. A dystopian view of the future but one that these people would like to bring about, in the end. – This is, ultimately, what globalists want.

On the other hand we have the common people, the average citizens of a nation, who are generally center/ slightly right of center, sometimes left, but ‘the people’ tend to agree on many issues, one of which is a vision of their country as a place for ‘them first’. France First, America First, Croatia FirstFirst we fix our problems, then we see if we can help our neighbours.

Reality vs Fiction

What this battle evolves into is a fight between the real country that exists and the fictional country that our ‘leaders’ want to create.

A border-less world is impossible. Unless we are all the same. And this is the great crime that the globalist would commit without a thought if they could. They’d erase ‘diversity’ in a second, and replace it with a mixed mystery meat population that has no identity, no culture, no heritage.

Just consumer units ready to increase the GDP and awaiting the next product cycle, a gray hell of sameness.

yellow vests
This, but more… mixed.

Economy of Production vs Virtual Financial Economy

Another arena of combat between globalism and nationalism, as we call it, although it goes by many names: (populism, patriotism, sovereignism…) is the economic arena, where the current trend is towards digitisation and robotisation, while at the same time there is a chunk of the population who finds the pace of change too fast and cannot adapt… Japan is a good example of a balance between these two, although a unique, specific one.

Population ageing? Import ‘new Europeans’! No thought given to the consequences. Worst part is, this ‘solution’ only creates more problems…

How the Yellow Vests Protests Came About

They were spontaneous, national, an uprising of the people, in true French fashion. The fuel tax was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the people had had enough of funding a government which did practically the opposite of what they wanted.

It crystallised as a people’s movement because of the people who had to move out of the cities to rural areas as a consequence of the increase in living costs, rent costs, housing costs, everything! This hike in prices, especially for property is happening all over Europe, France is ground zero but it’s happening even in smaller countries like Croatia, albeit for different reasons.

yellow vests
The French against Globalism!

In France, a giant reason why this increase in the costs of living is happening is… you guessed it, immigration. What the problem is, is that the vast majority of the people who come into France, who ‘immigrate’ do not work, are unable to work, or in many cases, as analysts have pointed out, they come for the welfare.

No work and they earn more than a salary for which they would have to work back in their home country? A tough bargain to pass up, for them.

So they don’t work and the costs of feeding, housing and educating and all the rest… fall on the native French population. Who struggle to make ends meet because of this. A terrible enchanted circle to be stuck in.

Viva La France!

Autochthonous French are rebelling against mahgreb/arab/north african migration. What many people forget is that this kind of immigration has been going on for decades, since the mid 60s, to be precise, these issues were ignored for a very long time, and now they have finally bubbled up to the surface. Now all these long repressed issues have come to the forefront in the demands that the yellow vests gave to the French government. Some were met, some were impossible to meet, some were inspiring…

A prescient forecast of what’s waiting for Europe, recommended.

A fire has been lit in Europe, what’s important, as many have said, is to keep the flame going.

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