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UK: Children Under 10 Sexually Assaulted in Schools

There was a time you would send your children to school and they would return telling you about how they spent their day learning, playing & drawing. At worst, they would have taken a tumble and had a scratched knee. Not anymore.

A report has shown that sexual violence against under 10’s has grown. The perpetrators, other children under 10. Since March 2013, 1852 children under the age of 10 were reported to police for sexual offences. Unfortunately, the Police cannot pursue these incidents as children under 10 cannot be prosecuted.

The parents of a 6 year old girl have sued the Council for a five figure sum for failing to protect their daughter whilst she was at school and being repeatedly assaulted. The girl who cannot be named complained when it got to the point she found it uncomfortable to sit down (according to the BBC). It was also reported that a teacher ignored the signs the girl was abused when they found a young boy behind the girl who had some items of clothes removed  The Council has not taken responsibility for the assault and the matter was settled out of court

Due to the ages of the children, specific details  regarding the cases are not made public, specifically whether there was a reason given for the assault and the ethnicity of the children involved.

Has the over sexualisation of primary school programmes and lessons contributed towards this or is it being learnt from elsewhere? If you have or know of a child that goes to primary school, make sure you REALLY know how their day has been.


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