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Salvini and Orban: The New Alliance For European Nationalists


Following the rendezvous between Matteo Salvini, the Italian Interior Minister, and Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, on Tuesday 28th August in Milan, it can provide some excitement for nationalists in the run up to the European Elections of 2019. 

In recent years, Italy has been the dumping grounds for a number of African migrants and it is proven that this system of ‘taking in refugees’ with a different culture and expecting them to integrate into European society is without a doubt impossible. The Italian people did voice their concerns and the Italian populists received almost 60% of the votes back in the Italian elections earlier this year. Viktor Orban, the leader of the Fidesz Party, also understands the dangers of accepting mass migration and he has out-right refused to take migrants into Hungary.

This will be the forming of a new alliance which is already causing concerns for those on the left. It even lead to a demonstration of 10,000 left wing activists who descended upon Milan to protest this meeting. And their opponent, Emmanuel Macron, the French President who is very involved in the European Union, also recognises that Salvini and Orban are correct to see him as an opponent and he is willing to do whatever is necessary to ‘fight against hate and xenophobia’ and keep the establishment power. He also addresses his interest in forming a new centrist block which would be supportive of the European Union. This centrist block would presumably take the role of being right wing economically which will result in the domination of the large enterprises who support the opening of borders to allow the movement of people to suppress the wages. Socially, the centrist block would tend to be left wing as it is pro-migration and against patriotism. This overall will be beneficial for the elites and catastrophic for the ordinary Europeans.

Salvini and Orban’s new alliance supports the repatriation of migrants, closing the borders and raising the indigenous European birth rate. Salvini has been very promising so far after he has continued to refuse the docking of migrant carrying vessels on the Italian coast. He has even been investigated by Italian prosecutors and he has even angered pro-open-borders Catholic Pope Francis. However, if more nationalist parties can join this alliance, then it can provide unity and support in fighting the anti-white establishment.

Establishment figureheads like Merkel and Macron are very worried about these elections and they can feel the political direction changing. The United Kingdom who are expected to leave the European Union in March, 2019 may have the opportunity to vote in these elections despite voting to leave the European Union in 2016. John Bercow who is a speaker in the House of Commons has set aside £800,000 for Britain to possibly participate in this election. Understandably, there will be Leave voters angered by this decision but would it not make sense to destroy the European Union from within, because even if the United Kingdom did fully leave the European Union, it would not be enough to save them. If the nationalists across Europe do gain a majority in the European Parliament then they could maybe destroy it from within.



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