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Race Is Not a Social Construct

All races of the world

There is a legitimate, scientific basis for race. Environmental stressors trigger the need for adaptation. It’s amusing that “Neanderthal” is used as an insult today, because though they went extinct, as they had adapted to survive only under the unique conditions of the Ice Age, their expanded cranial capacity and genetic legacy in Europeans and Northeast Asians does much to explain the average higher IQs of these groups compared to their counterparts from warmer climes. Genetic selection via time preference is also a significant contributor to intelligence differences in people from colder climes versus people from warmer climes. Phenotype equals genotype plus environment—so no, race is not “just” skin color.

The legacy of Neanderthal DNA in Europeans and Northeast Asians is obviously a result of inter-breeding between Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens, and it is crucial to note that Africans have no Neanderthal DNA whatsoever. What’s more, Northeast Asians have also been found to have trace amounts of Denisovan DNA, and Pacific Islanders as much as a few percentage points; the Denisovans were either a different humanoid species or a sub-species of human—this is at present unclear. National Geographic’s Genographic Project tells us that: “According to one theory, Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans are all descended from the ancient human Homo heidelbergensis. Between 300,000 to 400,000 years ago, an ancestral group of H. heidelbergensis left Africa and then split shortly after.” There is also new evidence that Africa may not be the sole source of modern Homo sapiens, but that there may have been people who originated elsewhere. There is indeed one theory gaining a lot of traction that Europe, not Africa, may be the birthplace of humanity.

Something to keep in mind is that although we humans are the same species (with dramatic variation), had we remained isolated from each other for a longer period of time, we absolutely would have evolved into different species entirely. I get a kick out of these so-called intellectuals who act so smug and superior about the evolution versus creationism debate with fundamentalist Christians, but who then turn around and act as if evolution doesn’t apply to human beings. Science, and biology in particular, explains a hell of a lot more about the human condition than invisible patriarchies and white supremacists. Though the science is far from settled, we actually do have an evidentiary basis to begin a conversation about race grounded in empiricism. This is a conversation the Left is unwilling, or unable, to have because the ultimate conclusion would utterly obliterate their worldview, as equality is the great lie of our time.

Race realism or racial consciousness is not the same thing as racism. A racist cannot differentiate between individuals based solely on their racial affiliation. A race realist understands pattern recognition but affords everyone the same basic human dignity and treats everyone with decency—unless they’re given reason to behave otherwise. That said, it is not racist to not want to saunter around Compton after dark as a lone white woman—it’s common sense. By the same token, walking into a teachers’ lounge and proclaiming your love of Donald Trump, while unlikely to get you raped or killed, will probably draw a lot of rancor your way. If you’re one of the teachers and you voice support for Trump, there’s a good chance you might find yourself out of a job, courtesy of what John Derbyshire calls the “Goodwhites” and their sanctimonious campaign to purge the Western world of its sins.

That very same Western world, however, is what gives these Goodwhites the right to bitch and moan. To quote Rik Storey:

“Saying that competition, science, property, modern medicine, consumerism and a strong work ethic made Westerners more successful is putting the cart before the horse. Culture is a manifestation of the individuals interacting within a society. It is a bottom-up, organic process; the success of the West wasn’t something created by the state but by individual Westerners despite the rise of statism. Yet, there is still tremendous, even legislated resistance, to accepting any role whatsoever that biology may have played for the successes of any group of people. To understand why, I spoke with Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster. Political correctness is the root of the explanation of this problem,’ Lynn told me.  ‘People differ genetically and if you say, for example, that some people are more intelligent than others, this is going to hurt the feelings of the less intelligent.  This is the reason there is such resistance to accepting the truth.”[1]


Richard Lynn places the hereditability of intelligence at 80%, which is perfectly in keeping with the 80% nature-20% nurture theory I subscribe to. Nothing controversial there at all—and yet, highly controversial for the egalitarians. The data are not definite, but according to Helmuth Nyborg, “Modern Finnish research shows that countries with an IQ averaging less than 90 fail to create or maintain democracy. This explains why any attempt to bring democracy to countries with low IQ are doomed to failure. We can learn from Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.” What we are learning is that a nation is only as good as its people, and if the majority of non-Western nations are low-IQ, that means a majority of the people coming to the West from these countries will be the same. Low IQ is a marker of increased restiveness and criminality (with the peak range being between 80 and 90), low earning and skills development potential, lack of future planning in the form of high time preference, general deference to dictatorial figures over democracy or republicanism, and a general inability to maintain most of what we would recognize as “civilization.” As the vast majority of “migrants” swamping Europe and its Western cousins are displaying these negative characteristics, it is little wonder the fabric of these societies is coming apart.

In totality, the migrants are proving to be a singularly disruptive and destructive force on the continent, whether they are ideologically motivated as the Muslims are or not. Virtually every country in Europe that has welcomed migrants has seen its crime rate explode and its cultural capital erode. In Germany, young male migrants are three times more likely than their German peers to commit violent crimes. In Italy, according to a 2013 report:

Undocumented immigrants are responsible for the vast majority of crimes committed in Italy by immigrants… the share of undocumented immigrants varies between 60 and 70 percent for violent crimes, and it increases to 70‐85 for property crime. In 2009, the highest shares are in burglary (85), car theft (78), theft (76), robbery (75), assaulting public officer / resisting arrest (75), handling stolen goods (73)…immigrants accounted for almost 23 percent of the criminal charges although they represented only 6‐7 percent of the resident population.[2]

Further, one-third of Italy’s prison population consists of migrants. Up in the Netherlands, individuals with a foreign background, including second-generation, are twice as likely to commit crimes as their Dutch peers. Individuals with a foreign background in Spain have a rate of criminal overrepresentation of two as well. Despite 22% of Switzerland’s population not having citizenship, nearly 70% of its prison population consists of non-Swiss citizens. Immigrants from Angola, Nigeria, and Algeria had a crime rate of at least 500% greater than that of the native Swiss population. A third of all sex crimes and half of all fraud cases in London were committed by non-British citizens.

Anatoly Karlin’s article “Immigrant Crime Rates in Germany” helpfully compiled the following statistics:[3]


Murder Rate per 100,000

Country of OriginMurder Rates


Sexual Assault/Rape Rates per 100,000

Country of OriginSexual Assault/Rape Rates


These Third World migrants have increasingly been pouring into Europe in not inconsequential numbers, and given Europe’s fragile demographics, a rising population of hostile aliens within your borders concurrent with the native population’s decline and emigration is a recipe for civilizational annihilation. In addition to its bottomed-out birthrate, Germany, for example, has seen close to a million ethnic Germans defect from the country in recent years, many of whom re-locate to nearby Hungary and the Czech Republic, countries that have staunchly maintained that they will not acquiesce to the European Union’s calls to jeopardize their people and heritage by flinging their doors wide open to unvetted fighting age males from regressive and dysfunctional cultures, many of whom have explicitly stated that they intend to destroy Western civilization from within. Their actions match their words pitch perfectly. As Daniel Greenfield writes:

Unlike our leaders, Islamic terrorists don’t confuse victory and defeat. They aren’t afraid that they’ll win. They don’t want us to kill them or deport them. They don’t care whether we call them ISIS or Daesh. They don’t derive their Islamic legitimacy from John Kerry or a State Department Twitter account. They get it from the Koran and the entire rotting corpus of Islamic law that they seek to impose on the world.[4]

As I wrote on my site The Anatomically Correct Banana in January:

“It’s not difficult to see where this is heading, nor will I be the first to point it out. Failed states, abominable living conditions, and the allure of the West and its bountiful entitlements…this is going to get ugly very quickly. For those unfamiliar with Tanzanian and Malawian culture, they sever the limbs of albinos to sell on the black market for witchcraft and other assorted spell-casting; in Mozambique, there’s been a rash of murders as bald men specifically, rumored to have gold in their heads, are having their skulls cracked open to find the hidden wealth. Talk about cultural enrichment! This is what much of the West has thrown its doors open to. Add to the high migrant birth rates and the dysfunction and degeneracy so many are incapable of leaving behind the non-existent native European birth rates and a pervasive Eurowestern culture of guilt and defeatism, and we have on our hands a recipe for total civilizational disaster.”[5]


Czech president Milos Zeman understands that the Islamic arm of the self-imposed migrant “crisis” is just another name for the hijrah, the Islamic invasion-by-migration to “gain control of Europe.” Zeman said:

[Islam] cannot declare war on Europe, it does not have enough forces for it, but it can prepare a growing migrant wave and gradually gain control of Europe as it has been happening in some West European cities that police are afraid to enter at night. Based on these two information sources, Muslims and leading Arab politicians in both cases [the Moroccan foreign minister and a crown prince from the United Arab Emirates], I believe that the invasion is organized by the Muslim Brotherhood using, naturally, the financial means of a number of states…I am profoundly convinced that we are facing an organized invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees. A large majority of the illegal migrants are young men in good health, and single. I wonder why these men are not taking up arms to go fight for the freedom of their countries against the Islamic State.

Zeman may have a point, but really, though, there’s no reason for Czechs or Germans or any other Europeans to defend their heritage, because as researcher Ann Gibbons tells us:

“The German people have no unique genetic heritage to protect. They — and all other Europeans — are already a mishmash, the children of repeated ancient migrations, according to scientists who study ancient human origins. New studies show that almost all indigenous Europeans descend from at least three major migrations in the past 15,000 years, including two from the Middle East. Those migrants swept across Europe, mingled with previous immigrants, and then remixed to create the peoples of today.[6]


Never mind that from around 37,000 years ago, there has been an unbroken chain from those ancient Europeans to the modern ones, as modern Europeans all share some ancestry with those ancient Europeans. Nothing would appreciably change apparently if Germany became Turkish or Spain Moroccan or Italy Eritrean—a person is a person is a person; to paraphrase Douglas Murray, the “elites” seem to be under the delusion that breathing European air will turn the migrants/invaders/future engineers into Voltaire. And if they’re not delusional, if they’re motivated by something else, well…









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