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Our Choice, Our Battle, In Modern Europe

Our time presents itself, like all the rest of human history, as a repetition of an eternal cycle, yet it is new and unprecedented in its intimate and particular details. What is the spirit of our time? It is the death of something beautiful, so beautiful that in the future, perhaps, it becomes only a myth, a legend, in which people may not even believe they existed. The man who firstly built the world already has his existence doubted, his life imitated by transvestites who paint themselves with their colors, emulate his acts, but fail to perceive the essence of the ancient man, in the face of empty actions and objections. So what is presented to us, in our time, after all? Illusions and loss!

The pain of losing something as beautiful as what our forefathers built is only felt by those who have inherited what has been given to them. You, invaders, barbarians, destroyers, may want to pretend to be heirs to all this, or want to feign a pride in your decaying and degenerative culture, but at the end of the day, we know that in the intimate consciousness of each there is the knowledge of who is and who does not heir to this gift, who feels and does not feel the need for duty, and who, at the end of that age, would give his or her own life to protect what our fathers and grandfathers gave their lives to provide. The lives? Yes! Perhaps you, reader, are not one of the heirs and you do not know it, but there have been men of the past who completely annulled themselves, their ego itself, to give a better future to people they would never know: his future generations. You understand this? Probably not, if you understand you would be an heir, not a destroyer. Do you say to have a tradition, a people? Then, for all that is sacred, go back to your place of origin and enjoy its rich culture. Oh! Wait, you claim that it was destroyed by those who carry in their veins the blood of my ancestors? So what do you do here living among those who supposedly killed your people? Any conscious being would want to be away from those who destroyed their people. Let’s end this masquerade: you want to enjoy the fruits provided by my ancestors to my people, not yours. A man would not throw himself into an unknown land and spend a life building something just so that another people could enjoy all this, he did it in the hope that he would be prolonging his life, living in the blood of his children, grandchildren, so they would have a good life!

Immortality is the desire of every human soul, being divinely in essence, attracted to its timeless nature. And in the material world, one of the things that represents immortality has to do with how you continue to exist in the future. And what are we if not part of a people, an ethnicity, a culture? It is precisely this more intimate notion of being and belonging that is being attacked and justified in our time. If the reader wants to become immortal, one of the things he has to do is to make his blood and his spiritual and moral life continue to exist in the future. Will your children be like you? Have they inherited what you have inherited? Here we go into the exact reason why this is not politics or a theory about politics: this is a feeling! It is the survival of a people, of a way of life, of what we struggle for. Many say they can not argue with us? They are right, after all, they are said to be fruits of the ethos of sacred lands, but at the same time they acclaim not having identity with a land, a people, an ethnicity, nothing. Contradicting themselves, we realize what they want! They want what we have inherited. They are the anti-ethos and want to promote their chaotic lifestyle to all. They want everyone, just like them, to not care about the future of their children, their ethnicity and their culture. What is our choice? What do we have left? The forthcoming and recent European elections, in Sweden or Italy, etc., illustrate it very well. Our choice is between accepting our death or fighting it, and there is nothing in between of that. In Europe, the choices are between social-democratic parties, masquerading with communist theories, and nationalist parties of “far-right” (a term used only by the globalist and Zionist media and its population puppets). This shows how (no matter how much anyone tries to disagree) the central theme of the political debate in the West is whether or not to accept the death of what is European.

We, Nationalists, fight against the death of our people. Our nation is our people and our blood unites us. We owe nothing to any federation and banking institution! Quite the opposite! And especially we should not give respect or loyalty to those who want to eliminate us from society. Our nationalism has a meaning. Our greatest weapon now, at this moment, is to reach people’s minds, create a conscience and rescue this notion of being an heir of something greater and give our European people a new desire to continue existing.

Imperial Roman Legionary

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