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THE GREAT BETRAYAL, Italian President Mattarella shuts down anti-EU Gov following Merkel’s diktat

Yesterday night President Mattarella refused once again to appoint Mr. Savona as Minister of the Economy as requested by the League/5star coalition, a well know Euro-skeptic. After the failed negotiations the newly appointed PM, Giuseppe Conte, resigned. The EU and its servant Mattarella effectively forced a coup against democracy in Italy “in order to save to Euro”.

What just happened in Italy is nothing but a betrayal, Mattarella ignored the two major parties who won the elections and refused one of the ministers simply because the man was openly a critic of both Germany and the Euro. League’s leader Matteo Salvini gave a wonderful and emotional speech in which he said: “Never again slaves of anyone, Italy isn’t a colony, we’re not slaves of the Germans or the French, of the spread or of finance. At this point, with honesty, integrity, and courage, the word needs to go back to you! I’m not going to let it go.”

Salvini wasn’t the only one who emotionally expressed his outrage, 5stars’ leader Luigi Di Maio gave a strong speech where he emotionally claimed that democracy is not respected in Italy, that Mattarella and the Europeists shut down their government for wrong thinking and concluded the speech by saying that it is absurd that in Italy you can be corrupted, under trial and still hold office but if you dare to voice any kind of negative opinion against the EU you are suddenly unable to become a minister.

Di Maio’s speech is very important, its strong anti-EU sentiment might mean a sudden change of the 5stars positions, possibly becoming once again full anti-EU. The party has in its recent history often voiced criticism against the EU and the € but during the latest elections they seemed to have changed their minds and cooled down their anti-EU sentiment. All of this might change with new elections, in which we might see the 2 major parties in Italy openly waging war against Bruxelles and the investors.

Sadly but not surprisingly, the Italian left is cheering Mattarella for his betrayal saying that what is doing is for the safety of the country and the Eurozone. They showed once again their anti-democratic, anti-Italian faces. Many years ago the left used to care about workers and the well being of the people, but nowadays they are nothing but servants to the greatest powers and the investors but believe me, they will REGRET what they have done in the next elections. Italians do not forgive.

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