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Salvini’s Lega and Afd members speak at Alternative for Sweden final election event

Members of various populist right-wing parties, Lega and Afd among them, took part in the final election event of the recently formed party Alternative For Sweden. The new nationalist party, mostly formed of ex-member of the more moderate center-right party SD (Swedish Democrats), has completely shaken the political debate in Sweden by introducing important topics such as Identity and Remigration.

The 9th of September is the day of the general election in Sweden, Afs needs to reach at least 4% of the votes to obtain seats in the parliament, for such a young party it would be a marvelous result and completely shock the progressive opposition. The developing anti-immigration sentiment growing in Sweden clearly shows that the Swedish people are finally awakening and realizing that their ruling class until now has completely betrayed them and let millions of invaders in.

Here is the list (courtesy of of the representatives of the various populist parties taking part to the final Afs event:

Italy: Gianluca Cantalamessa, Member of Lega Nord, Member of the Camera dei Deputati (Italian Lower House).

Alessandro Sansoni, journalist, f.d. mayor candidate in Naples, candidate for the European Parliament elections in 2019 for Lega Nord.

Germany: Lars Patrick Berg, Parliamentarian of the Alternative for Deutschland in the Lantdagen in Baden-Württemberg.

Belgium: Frank Creyelman, honorary senator and f.d. MEP of Flanders for Vlaams Belang.

Estonia: Jaak Madison, Deputy Chairman of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (Eesti Conservatiivsesse Rahvaerakonda) and Member of the Estonian Parliament Riigikogu.

Finland: Sakari Linden, political adviser to the ENF Group in the European Parliament. Former Chief Executive Officer of Finnish Confederation of Finnish Confederation (Suomalaisuuden Liitto)

Salvini has recently written a short Facebook post endorsing the SD candidate, but the presence of some of his representative proves that Lega will have a dialogue with both right-wing parties, especially considering the fact that next year in May we will have probably the most important European Elections since the birth of the EU.

Is Afs Sweden’s last chance? There is only one certain thing, Sweden will never be the same after the 9th of September.


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