President Trump in Talks with Italian PM Conte: “We agree 100% on the Hard Line on Illegal Immigration”

American President Donald Trump and Italian PM Giuseppe Conte had a phone call in which they discussed various topics, one of them is immigration, a key issue for both Italy and America. Donald Trump tweeted about this exchange, openly endorsing Italy’s hardline stance on immigration and proving once again that Italian-American relations can only improve in the future. “Yesterday Putin’s good words, today Donald Trump’s. Italy enjoys the trust of great Countries, we will carry on like this”. Conte commented on his Instagram the recent exchanges with the two superpowers leaders. Italian PM @GiuseppeConteIT recently met with Russian Leader Putin. Conte has been very vocal about removing anti-Russian sanctions. Before the Ukraine crisis, Russia and Italy always had good relationships, which were badly damaged by the EU sanctions. One of the main goals of this government is also to establish again these relationships and help the two international powerhouses, the USA and Russia, to reconcile with each other. Italy has the opportunity of entering once again the international scene as a leader and no longer as an anonymous country like in the 7 years of progressive governments. Italian Source