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Lega Youth Movement and Putin’s Young Guard Sign New Friendly Pact

The Lega Youth Movement just signed a memorandum with Putin’s Young Guard, a very important moment for Italian-Russian relationships. The Lega delegation composed by Andrea Crippa (member of Italian parliament) and Davide Quadri (Foreign Affairs for Lega Youth Movement) met with Young Guard’s representative Perepelov.

The pact has very interesting points, such as: “necessity to avoid war and violence from the arsenal of the international community and intensify the efforts to reinforce peace and security in Europe and in the rest of the world”. The youth movements also express the will to “reinforce the good neighborhood relationships and friendships, in order to expand and deepen the multilateral cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Italian Republic” – “Aiming to the creation of a positive political and public environment to realize the above-mentioned objectives and to prevent the division between populations, the propaganda and hostile moods against any State or international organization”.

The two movements’ members also spoke of “common spiritual, historical and cultural values”. A very important meeting and agreement, reminding us of the great Italian-Russian relationship, recently harmed by the Ukrainian crisis and the EU sanctions directed to Russia.

Andrea Crippa commented the successful meeting on his Facebook Page:

“Today we have signed a historic agreement in Moscow, between Lega Youth Movement and Putin’s United Russia Young Guard. The battles against illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism, the defense of our history and identity, the recognition of Russia as an essential partner in the international security system and the end of sanctions against Russia which cost Italy 5 billion € and thousands of jobs. The 30th of March, in Milan, Lega Youth Movement will put all populist youth movements which want to defend their people and their borders together. They will never stop us!”


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