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Italy: Forza Nuova representative tied up and beaten by Antifa

Massimiliano Ursino, a member and regional leader of the Fascist party Forza Nuova, was walking through via Dante at 7pm when he got ambushed by Antifa. The communists tied up the man with packing tape and violently beat him. The man suffered heavy wounds, his head was the most targeted part.

The communist assailants, wearing black clothes and with their faces masked with scarfs and hats, vanished after beating the man almost unconscious. Forza Nuova spokesperson released a statement blaming a far-left journalist named Parenzo and a far-left politician, Laura Boldrini, who both openly endorse the Antifascist cause.

The political tension in Italy is heating up and Antifa has become rather aggressive in the last weeks, which have been full of clashes between Antifa and the police force all around the country. The same people who claim that they are fighting for freedom and against any form of totalitarianism are using violent tactics to silence and hurt anyone they disagree with. Matteo Salvini, Lega’s leader, has been attacked multiple times by Antifa in the last years and just a week ago Giorgia Meloni, Fratelli D’Italia’s leader, got assaulted and spat on by communists in the Tuscan city of Livorno.

It doesn’t matter if you are a moderate, a conservative or a real fascist. Antifa will try to shut you down because, in the end, they are what they are: degenerate communists and anarchists. Any person who nowadays supports democracy cannot support or even tolerate Antifa.

The elections will happen in less than 2 weeks and a possible win of the right-wing coalition will likely escalate the tensions. It would not be that surprising if some right-winger will get killed by the communists anytime soon, the current climate really reminds any Italian of the Lead years, a dark moment in Italian history in which communist terrorism killed many innocents.

 Italian source

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