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Habemus Governum: Italy’s populist forces finally form Government

On the 31st of May 2018, almost 3 months after the elections (4/03), Italy has finally a government. The Leauge/5stars coalition managed to find a deal with President Mattarella who encharged Giuseppe Conte to form the government and appoint the ministers.

The 2 party leaders, Matteo Salvini and Luigi di Maio, will be both vice presidents and at the same time work as ministers, Salvini for the interiors and Di Maio for Jobs & Development. “Il Governo del cambiamento”, which translates into “The Government of Change” is the slogan of the 5Stars leader Luigi Di Maio and the will of the Italian people. Italians want change, sovereignty, freedom from Bruxelles and a strong government ready to fight and stop the invasion from the south.

Salvini will be the Minister of the Interiors, making him the chief of security and police and giving him the powers he longed for years, the powers to defend the Italian borders from the thousands of illegal migrants. Salvini promised he will work hard on the remigration of the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants present currently in Italy (half a million remigrations).

The establishment did not want this government to happen, the first time the coalition proposed a list of ministers the EU puppet Mattarella refused it, in the meantime Italy was being bombarded by foreign interferences and threats, like the ones from the EU German commissioner of Budget Oettinger who boldly said Italian would learn to vote the right thing after the markets taught them.

The times are changing and the EU is slowly disintegrating itself, the peoples of Europe are awakening and realizing that they are being exploited by soulless elites who have no love for our beautiful homelands.

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