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Generation Identity launches new Defend Europe mission in the Alps

Saturday 21st of April, hundred of Generation Identity activists from all over Europe launched the new Defend Europe mission with a majestic stunt on the Italian-French border in the Alps.

This part of the Italian-French border has been often used in the last years by thousands of illegal migrants as a route to reach France and northern Europe, today the Identitarian activists proved that things can be done to stop this. Equipped with 2 helicopters and hiking tools, a hundred of identitarians placed a huge banner saying:”Closed Border- You Will Not Make Europe Home- No Way!-Back To Your Homeland!”.

Identitarians are pushing the idea of implementing the Australian No Way policy to stop illegal immigration in Europe.

Here’s is the statement from the Defend Europe Facebook page:

“Illegal migrant routes – Col de l’Échelle – Alps
Generation Identity blocks the Franco-Italian border crossing.
The “Defend Europe” Alps Mission has started!

This Saturday, April 21st at 9am, a hundred Generation Identity activists took position in the Alps at the Col de l’Échelle, 25 km from Briançon, to block the path for illegal migrants. Our teams are patrolling the area and will stop any attempt to enter France illegally.

Since the summer of 2017, the flow of illegal migrants using this passage has grown continuously. More than 2000 illegal migrants have already been officially registered. How many actually got through? Macron’s government refuses to secure the border: we will prove that if there is the will, it is absolutely possible. Rather than releasing funds to create new reception centers for these migrants, the border police budgets should be strengthened.

Generation Identity demands an end to mass immigration and the definitive closing of the Col de l’Échelle passage. No migrants should be allowed to enter France illegally on this route. The French do not want any more immigration! These illegal migrants should be neither in France nor in Italy, but in their home country. The Defend Europe “Alps” operation has started!

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This is apparently just the beginning of this Defend Europe mission, the identitarians will monitor the border and signal to authorities the possible presence of illegal migrants caravans.

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