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Avaaz: The Soros Funded NGO Trying to Undermine the Italian Right-Wing Coalition

Americans and Europeans have been bombarded for the last years about the supposed Russian interference in basically any western election, accusations caused by leftist hysteria and always unfounded. On the other hand, once again, we have proof of George Soros trying to influence the political future of a western country, Italy in this case. The latest Soros’ trick is a Ngo called Avaaz, which the globalist funds.

Avaaz is a NGO which has become rather active in the latest months, their objective? Undermine the right-wing coalition, targeting especially Matteo Salvini’s party, Lega.

In February, just after the Macerata shooting (an Italian nationalist shot 6 black bystanders after the murder of Pamela Mastropietro), Avaaz launched a petition directed to Matteo Salvini. The petition stated that Salvini and people like him are hate preachers and must be blamed for what happened in Macerata.

The petition launched by Avaaz

Lega has taken recently a nationalist turn, but the party used to be regionalist, focusing on the northern part of Italy. Salvini has been campaigning a lot in the South and was received fairly well by many nationalists who decided to leave Lega’s past behind. All of this clearly worried the left and as always Soros came to the rescue with the latest Avaaz project: a website mocking southern Italians who are voting Lega and the launch of a campaign of banners and signs spread around southern Italian cities like Palermo, reminding southerners that Salvini “hates” them.

Signs made by Avaaz spotted in Southern Italy, the captions say: “I said you smell” “Now I want your vote” “Why not, terroni (slur for southern Italians)?”


Avaaz is not the only thing tied to Soros in Italy, the infamous billionaire funds other organizations and has strong ties with various Italian politicians, among them there is Emma Bonino. Who is Emma Bonino? One of the most progressive and globalist politicians in Italy and also the candidate for her own party +Europa. As you can tell by the name, we are talking about a hardcore Europeist party which of course happens also to be pro mass immigration and supports the idea of the United States of Europe.

Emma Bonino with George Soros
Emma Bonino with George Soros

Emma Bonino’s party is fairly new and was formed for the upcoming elections, in which the party probably won’t even get close to 10%. Yet in every train station around Italy you will find +Europa ads and if you are browsing youtube Bonino’s ads will be on the main page and before most videos. Where is +Europa getting all this money from? How is such a great nationwide campaign being funded?

The leftist hysteria is increasing by the day in Italy. Lega must be rising in the polls, even in southern Italy, and these must be the last attempts of the globalist left trying to undermine the rightwing coalition upcoming success.

Italian Sources:

Avaaz: la ong di Soros che non vuol far vincere il centro-destra.


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