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A look at the Syrian Social-Nationalist Party and its role in the Syrian Civil War

A brutal civil war has been ravaging Syria since 2011 causing hundreds of thousands of victims and displaced citizens, between 2017 and 2018 the conflict has decisively moved towards a Syrian-Russian axis victory. Just recently Putin declared that the Islamic State in Syria has been completely defeated. The Kurdish-Turkish conflict is still ongoing in northern Syria but the majority of the country has been liberated and today we will take a look at one of the major Pro-Assad forces which assisted the Syrian leader in defeating both ISIS and US-backed “moderate” rebels.

The SSNP (Syrian Social-Nationalist Party) was secretly founded on 16 November 1932 by Antoun Saadeh in Lebanon, which was still under French occupation at the time. Saadeh was born on March 1st, 1904 in the Lebanese city of Dhour El Choueir. Just 3 years after the foundation of the SSNP Saadeh was arrested after proclaiming the existence of the party. Saadeh’s organization was seen as a major threat by the French authorities which feared the strong anti-Zionist sentiment growing in their territories.

The official SSNP flag
The official SSNP flag

During his imprisonment, the SSNP founder wrote his first book entitled “The Genesis of Nations”(which I managed to obtain a PDF thanks to my dear friend Jack who is the main source of my knowledge of the SSNP party history), a very interesting read which touched various topics ranging from Zionism, to race and geopolitics. After being released and publishing his book Saadeh was detained multiple times.

Antoun Saadeh's first book, "The Genesis of Nations"
Antoun Saadeh’s first book, “The Genesis of Nations”

After the end of the French occupation in 1947, Saadeh returned from his “exile” promising a revolution which he then declared 2 years later in 1949 against the fresh new Lebanese government. The revolution was suppressed and Saadeh tried to flee but was unluckily captured soon after landing in Damascus and executed 48 hours later. The SSNP party was then outlawed in 1955 until 2005 but never ceased to exist.

The SSNP has an armed wing, the “Eagles of the Whirlwind”, which has taken part of many recent conflicts. The Eagles participated in conflicts against Israel and are currently part of the belligerent Pro-Assad forces fighting ISIS and the US-backed terrorists. The Eagles are a well-organized paramilitary group of around 10k fighters and represent the 3rd biggest Pro-Assad force in Syria.

The Eagles of the Whirlwind Emblem
The Eagles of the Whirlwind Emblem

The SSNP took part in important battles and liberated hundreds of villages and cities and is currently the 2nd party of the country in popularity. Could the SSNP be the future of countries like Syria and Lebanon? Their strong anti-Zionist sentiment and love for their countries are well received among of the populations of the countries ravaged by Zionist funded wars. The party is currently active in these states:  Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Palestine.

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