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2018 Recap: The Year of The Populist Uprising

2018 is undoubtedly the year of Populism, almost reaching the levels of 2016 (the Year of Brexit and the Trump election). 2018 is the year of Salvini, Orban, the Yellow Vests and much more. 2018 is the year of the Populist forces preparing themselves for the 2019 upcoming European elections which will shape the future of the EU and every single European country.

4th of March: Italian Elections
The 4th of March is already known in Italy as the day of the revolution, of the birth of the “Third Republic”. Two major populist forces, Salvini’s Lega and Di Maio’s 5 Stars Movement, gained major support and defeated the establishment parties (PD and FI). Some months later, after weeks of dialogue and tough decisions, the two populist leaders signed a pact which started the Alliance between the two different parties. The First of June the “Governo Conte” became reality and since then has been working hard to keep its promises towards the Italian population, hungry for change.
Salvini took the important position of Interior Minister and since his appointment illegal immigration has heavily decreased (around 100k fewer illegals compared to 2017). During his recent rally in Rome (8.12.18) spoke of various topics such as Identity, Natality and much more, but the core topic was 2019 and the upcoming European elections. Salvini asked the Italian people to believe in him and Lega, he asked for a mandate to deal with the EU. Lega will be one of the parties leading the Populist Front in 2019 together with Marine Lepen’s party.

10th of March: UK Government persecuting Identitarian activists
The recently formed British chapter of Generation Identity organized a conference to discuss important themes such as Identity, Population replacement, and Metapolitics. Many important identitarian activists and journalists were invited, among them the Austrian Identitarian Leader Martin Sellner, his fiancè Brittany Pettibone, Hungarian Identitarian Leader Abel Bodi, Canadian Journalist Lauren Southern and many more.
All the people mentioned were detained by British authorities and questioned and only released after days of brutal treatment. Martin Sellner was kept in a deportation center for days among Islamists and some of the worst criminals, his crime? Having the wrong ideas.
Lauren Southern was stopped while she was trying to cross the French-English border and was questioned and rejected under the Terrorism act, we managed to interview Lauren about this scandalous experience here. These shocking events were just the start, months later the UK authorities arrested Tommy Robinson and kept him in prison for months, but the English Nationalists didn’t stay silent and many protests happened. Robinson was recently released and will soon be integrated into Batten’s UKIP as an advisor on Islam.

Members of the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) and supporters protest outside the British consulate in support of jailed English activist Tommy Robinson. (WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)

Orban’s victory and future alliance with Salvini
The 8th of April Viktor Orban won the Hungarian Elections with amazing numbers, confirming his power and the support of the Hungarian populations. Hungary has been of the countries leading the resistance against the German-French Europeist alliance, defying its orders and requests on the topic of immigration. One of the first visits of the newly confirmed Hungarian Leader was in Italy, during which Orban met with Salvini and confirmed their friendship and mutual goals. Salvini on Orban said:”Together we will change Europe”

Salvini and Orban during their meeting.

Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil
Bolsonaro amazing run ended with his success, beating the socialist Haddad and putting an end to the progressive rule in Brazil. An inspiring election which will shape the future of Southern America.

Yellow Vests Uprising: Nationalism vs Globalism
The French people had enough and finally decided to fight back against their traitorous and ruthless leader Macron, a servant to greater powers and the EU. My colleague Boris summed up the recent events related to the Yellow movements here. The ongoing anti-Macron protests should teach something to our leaders. If you sow misery, you will harvest violence.

2018 has been a great and successful year for Populism, but 2019 will be the year in which one of the most important battles will be fought. The Populist forces will “siege” Bruxelles and if conquered, we might be able to change things and saved our beloved Europe. The battle is coming, are you ready to fight?

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