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Mogherini: “We Intervene to Restore”

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European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini called the European Union a world cultural superpower at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair. Which is ironic, since she doesn’t have any problem trying to replace our own European cultures.

“Culture is an integral part of our European foreign policy. We are by definition, as Europeans, a soft power. And even now that we are investing more than ever in developing our hard power – that sometimes is needed — our European Defence, our strategic autonomy that sometimes might be needed we continue to be a cultural superpower. Let me say, the cultural superpower in the world,” Mogherini said Tuesday as quoted in the statement.

Federica Mogherini

She also emphasised the importance of cultural diplomacy, adding that the EU goal was not to replace national cultural diplomacy, but “to join forces at the European level” amid the culture remaining “a battlefield” with terrorists destroying cultural heritage around the world.

“So for us Europeans, who base our identity on our culture — a culture that values diversity — it is only natural to intervene whenever and wherever we see that culture is attacked. We intervene to de-mine the University of Mosul; to restore the Timbuktu manuscripts; and to preserve the memory of destroyed heritage through the most advanced technologies at our disposal and to protect writers and journalists under attack everywhere in the world,” Mogherini said.

It’s ironic that Mogherini cares more about the cultures outside of Europe, maybe that’s the main reason why she works so hard trying these cultures to replace our own ethnic ones.

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