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Exclusive interview with Lauren Southern: Banned from the UK

Lauren Southern Exclusive Interview

Lauren Southern was invited today to the European Parliament by Janice Atkinson to hold a conference about her UK ban and the unjust treatment suffered by the Canadian journalist when trying to cross the British border by Bus coming from Calais. Just after the end of the conference, which was recorded and uploaded to her channel here, we were able to set up a fast interview and asked her some questions.



Interview transcript:

Interviewer: Do you think the use of the schedule 7 Terrorism Act will affect you in the future, especially as a Canadian citizen, considering the anti-islamophobic laws applied in Canada?

Lauren Southern: I have certainly thought about this a bit, especially considering that it’s an international terrorism investigation and I have had people from Canada tweeting me left-wing journalists, whoever it may be, saying:”Will the Canadian government now look into Lauren Southern, now that the UK has and has banned her, will the Canadian government finally take action against Lauren Southern now?”. Now, I don’t know how much sway political personalities actually have, hopefully not that much, but I guess I will find out in the coming days when I return to Canada. Obviously, I was googling “Can I be banned from my own country?!” But I don’t think that is possible (laughing), luckily. So maybe there will be more questions at the border, maybe I will even have trouble getting into Vienna. I am not sure at this stage.

I: Do you think you will take legal action?

LS: Absolutely, I will be speaking with Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner about taking legal action because what they did, detaining Brittany and Martin for 3 days, in a prison, is completely wrong and using schedule 7 against me is a complete abuse of power.

I: Do you expect any sort of condemnation from the international community for Britain’s actions in regards to your arrest?

LS: The only condemnation you will get from the international community are the people who have already been labeled as “bigots” and “far-right” because truly what “far-right” and “bigot” mean these days is an average person who has an appreciation for free speech and free thoughts. I mean, you have people like Maajid Nawaz that have come out and supported me, Nigel Farage who has said that this was a misuse of schedule 7. But no one, no one who is part of the liberal media who still tout their love for open borders have come to defend me, in fact, it seems that in one day I have turned the entire left-wing into hardcore pro-borders advocates. They have no consistency, they are all hypocrites.

I: Do you think you, Brittany and Martin, as high profile as you all are, were used as examples for what Britain will do in the future to right-wing activists entering the country?

LS: My hope is that this is a unique case, but the reality is that it probably isn’t. The reality is that the UK appears to be fearful of young right-wing populist voices who are filling a void that the mainstream media and government are not filling. People have questions, they ask why will our government not fight back against Islamic extremism, is this experiment of multiculturalism really working when I cannot even speak to my neighbors when they spit at me because I adhere to the cultural values that this nation was founded on? Has our government become so generous of strangers that it’s unsustainable for ourselves? These are questions that people have, they are reasonable questions. They are not the questions of racists or fascists, they are the questions of a sane individual. And yet the government and the media class cannot answer these questions, so they fear the people who are answering them, especially when those answers challenge the authority of the government in power. So, is this going to set a precedent for the future? I think so, I do.

I: Is it going to change anything to your activism, will you focus more on defending free speech?

LS: I have always been a strong defender of free speech and will be until the day I die. If we don’t have free speech, we don’t have the mechanism by which we come to the best conclusions and ideas. If you do not ever hear an idea in the first place, you can not know whether it is wrong. I will, from this day on, maybe have greater reason to defend free speech and have a greater platform to stand on because I have been so censored. But I will always and have always defended free speech.

I: Can you give us some hints about your future projects or Farmlands?

LS: “Farmlands” has been put on a hold for a tiny bit, because I was going to discuss “Farmlands “with a few friends of mine in London, who clearly I can not meet with now, but I will be finishing that up in the coming month and obviously my documentary “Fortress London” is going to be taking a bit of a hit, considering this, however the coming months have kinda gone to shambles because of this ban. But we will rebuild! I will find out how to get around this and finish the project, despite this travel ban. So right now, I am just taking it with stride.

I: Thank you!

LS: Thank you very much!

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