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Italy: Eurosceptic Candidates Leading Opinion Polls Ahead Of March 2018 Elections


Brussels is set to be dealt another serious blow to its expansionist ambitions this year, as the Italian electorate prepares to elect the most Eurosceptic parliament in its history.

Leading the polls consistently for the last 12 months, the anti-EU Five Star Movement (M5S) is on course to become the largest party in parliament after less than a decade on the Italian political scene.

The likelihood of M5S forming a government, however, is rather slim. Although, the headaches in Brussels will not diminish, as the most probable governing coalition after the March 2018 poll will be that of erstwhile Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Berlusconi has united his centre-right Forza Italia party with the right-wing Lega Nord and the nationalistic Brothers of Italy, in an election pact that could see another right-wing coalition in central/southern Europe. After the recent electoral outcome in Austria that spelt doom for the EU integration agenda, such a result would seriously put a spanner in the works of Juncker et al’s dastardly plot.

It is no surprise, then, that the European Union is vehemently supporting the proposed candidacy of Pier Carlo Padoan, the Europhile economics minister of the governing (nominally) Democratic Party.

According to leaked reports from Brussels, the EU seek to have another government of Yes Men headed by the weak Padoan, so that their integration agenda will have one less opponent. Padoan has been part of a spineless Italian government that has consistently bowed to pressure from Brussels and allowed millions of migrants into Europe.

The Italian state has been without an elected leader for a number of years now, after the economic stability caused by the 2008 financial crash. Prior to the 2013 election, Italy had been governed by a clique of EU-installed technocrats.

But now the Eurochickens are truly coming home to roost, and the Springtime poll is sure to deliver a stinging blow to the EU integration agenda.

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