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Identifying With Nature is The Way To Go

There are many reasons why we should love nature. It is one of the most precious things in life in times of overdose of mobile phones, social media and Internet leading to modern humans losing their roots to what is the foundation of all life on earth. Often times, people have difficulties answering a question about when they last went for a walk just to enjoy the beautiful, natural landscape of their hometown, something most aren’t even aware of.



But we don’t just benefit from nature by being able to please our inner aesthete; it offers more than that:


1. Improve Your Physical Health

According to a British study from 2013, people who live near park areas have better physical health and a drastically improved cardiovascular system compared to people who live in urban areas. These people also tend to do more sport and meet healthy criteria daily. Since most people sit in their chair for most of the day, if they don’t get regular and correct exercise, their backs will be messed up sooner than they might like. Walking and enjoying nature can help, since the human back can then extend to its natural form and recover from daily stress.


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2. Improve Your Mental Health

Scientists from the University of Michigan have found out that army veterans who regularly do outdoor sports have better mental health, experience less fear and depression as well as less mood swings.


3. Improve Your Immunity

Investigations from Harvard Medical School link spending time in nature with improved immunity. Medical experts have been associating the exposure to sunlight with a better overall health for a long time now. Vitamin D, which is built when the human skin receives sunlight, also helps defend your body against viruses and potential diseases.


4. Improve Your Creativity

Artists often spend time in nature to improve their ability to develop new ideas for their products. Who knows how many painters have spontaneously decided to draw what unfolded in front of their eyes when they didn’t even expect it? The good news is, this can be done by everybody, not just artists. Creativity affects almost all areas of life.


5. Reduce Stress

Shinrin Yoku is a popular method practised in Japan where you, translated literally, bathe in the forest. Japanese scientists have proven that walking in forests and breathing in the fresh air of trees, among many other things, help reduce the stress hormone cortisol and blood pressure.


As you can see, nature provides us with many benefits and it shows the natural beauty of the landscapes of our home countries, something we can be proud of.

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