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We Stand With Julian von Abele!

A video has been circulating on social media this week of an event which allegedly took place on the morning of Sunday 9th December at Columbia University. The video, which can be found below, shows a young, White student named Julian von Abele embarking on what the left and various media outlets are calling a “racist rant”.


The video was originally posted by a Twitter user named Aala (@aalanasir) along with the caption “Disappointed, but not surprised.”

What followed, as has come to be expected in current times, was a tirade of abuse from the left, non-Whites, and various celebrities and news outlets, including self-proclaimed “Alt Right Nazi fighter” and fellow White Tim Wise.

Wise has subsequently deleted his tweet, but you can find a screenshot below.


After attempting to cover the evidence of trying to ruin a young man’s life, Wise initiated the following thread, in which he called Julian von Abele an “asshole kid”:


So what did Julian von Abele do to warrant such abuse? What utter hatred and calls for violence did he direct to those of African, Jewish and/or Asian descent?

He said he loves being White.

The horror!

Below is a transcript of some of von Abele’s speech:

“We built the modern world … Europeans built the modern world. We invented science and industry, and you want to tell us to stop because, ‘Oh my God we’re so bad.’”

This is nothing but the truth. Europeans have offered the world an abundance of advancements, including our achievements in science, education, technology and healthcare. The British Empire, just to give one example, spread our achievements to a quarter of the globe, eliminating slavery and spreading democracy and the rule of law as we spread.

The West was built by Europeans, and what a fantastic civilisation it is! Why else would everybody want to live here?

“We invented the modern world. We saved billions of people from starvation. We built modern civilization. The white people are the best thing to ever happen to the world.”

Why is it wrong for von Abele to profess that he believes White people to be the best thing to ever happen to the world? Would the same level of anger be shown to an African who said the same about Black people? Or a Jew who said the same about Jewish people?

“I love myself and I love white people. F*ck yeah white people. F*ck yeah white men. We’re white men, we did everything. I don’t hate other people, I just love white men, I love white men.”

F*ck yeah, indeed! There is nothing wrong with Whites loving and supporting our own. The only people full of hatred are those who say we shouldn’t.


We stand with Julian von Abele and we feel inspired and encouraged by his words and the support that thousands of Europeans have offered him on social media.

In the words of Kai Murros: The age of guilt is over.

If you would like to support von Abele, you can purchase a copy of his book: Physics Reforged: The New Theory of Parallel Universes, Hidden Dimensions, and the Fringes of Reality by Julian G. von Abele, On Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

Don’t forget to leave him a 5-star review!

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