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UK: Generation Identity Reminds the Conservative Party of its Promises on Immigration

The British branch of Generation Identity made an appearance outside the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, the Identitarian activists exhibited a big banner with the following caption:” End Mass Immigration / Stop the Great Replacement”.

Generation Identity UK official twitter commented on the action by saying that the Conservative party has completely abandoned actual conservatism to become social democrats, and are now not much different than labour.

A thought shared among many nationalists in the United Kingdom after the poorly managed of Brexit by PM May and the Conservative party and the complete lack of character of the party on any of the important issues that currently afflict the UK

I contacted Ben Jones, GI UK leader, for a statement on their recent actions and here is what he had to say:

“We came to Birmingham to inject ourselves into the discourse around the Tory party conference. The Conservative party in England is basically a social democratic party; there is nothing conservative about it in the slightest. They are essentially the Labour party with a more pro-market policy, so we want to make it perfectly clear to people that they are not an option for anyone who wants to take control of mass immigration and the demographic crisis in the UK. We also handed out some of our new leaflets for the first time, which emphasise the Great Replacement and better show off what Generation Identity is here to accomplish.”

Ben Jones, GI UK Leader, immortalizing the moment when the police asked the identitarian activists about their banner loicense.

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