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The Civilizational Pact: Past, Present and Future

civilizational pact

This is the pact that has been forgotten and thrown to the wayside in favour of a global ‘identity’ of consumerism and fake progress.

We (Europeans) and when I say that I mean all people of European descent (colloquially referred to as ‘White people’), have since the end of the 2nd World War been slowly losing our connection to our past. The world has become more globalised, more connected. There are toxic ideas out there that say that all peoples of the world are the same.

That all cultures are to be respected no matter how backward and savage they are.

That ‘diversity’ is a good thing and should be celebrated, when it has been the downfall of every empire in history.

Ancestors and the Glorious Past

The Japanese honour their pact with their ancestors often, they have family temples and they revere the hardships and successes of their forefathers. While we think nothing of our past, we’re willing to let it go for a higher GDP, and more unnecessary consumer goods.

Throwing away all the culture and stories and struggle and trials our ancestors went through for what? More money in the bank, more useless gadgets? Is that all that life is? Earning money and buying material things, which you will grow bored off? If not a family, if not the continuation and betterment of your family and society, then what? No, we need to change.

The pact is broken. What is needed to fix it is a return to tradition. Traditions are the answers to complex questions that our ancestors found and which have worked for a long time. A return to what made us great and a rejection of what is destroying us.


Modernity’s Afflictions

Modernity has cost us profoundly. Why is there an opioid epidemic in the United States? Why are White men so over represented in suicide figures in the US? It’s because all around us our folkways and traditions have been scattered to the winds for ‘globalism’, for ‘progress’.

We have to abandon such foolishness. We’ve seen what it does to us. Replacement migration? Had our ancestors heard their leaders saying such things their leaders would have been hanging from the gallows the next day! Yet in our ‘modern’ age we accept this nonsense.

‘Diversity’ is about as beneficial as poison. There is no more surefire way to destroy a nation than to ‘diversify’ it. Ethnic diversity is a source of endless conflict, racial diversity is that on steroids. Not very conducive to a stable society.

All of these things have to be rejected as they only serve to destroy the social and eventually, the physical bonds of society.


It is a powerful emotion and when used properly can induce great and positive change, but, when it is perverted and used in the wrong way, it can be the downfall of entire civilizations.

White guilt’ as it has come to be known is the guilt that we feel for various evils that our ancestors commit ed: colonialism, slavery, the world wars. These things are used against us to guilt trip us into handing over resources to other peoples. From this guilt the whole concept of ‘foreign aid’ was born. Let us atone for the sin of having white skin by sending money and resources to every nation of the world, while we have rising unemployment, youth who can’t find work because it’s been off shored and housing crises and so on.

Particularly the Second World War is a sort of foundation myth for Western Civilization. The story of the Holocaust is retold time and again by Hollywood, there’s a new movie every year, despite it being done to death. Endlessly we are bombarded with stories of how we are evil and how we are guilty of everything under the sun. But, you cannot accuse the son of the father’s crimes, which is exactly what is being done to us but on a civilizational scale.


The Pact: Before, Now and After

The solution to fixing our civilization? Reject the programing. Take pride in what your ancestors have accomplished. Stake your claim. Know your ancestors. Understand your history. Struggle for a better future.

Recognize that you are the result of thousands of years of evolution, struggle, war and victory. Your lineage made it this far. Do not be the one to end the line, make your ancestors proud by continuing their and your story!

Europe has been through countless bloody wars and dire struggles, and we have come back, again and again we have returned. We do not give up. Ever. We learn our history so we can know what our ancestors faced and how they dealt with it. We struggle so that our children can have a better future, and we teach them of our struggles so they do not repeat our mistakes.

This is a new trial, and we need to come up with new solutions. We have history to teach us what our forefathers did when they faced similar circumstances and we must learn from them and find new ways to fix our situation. Because when we do fix it, we can rest easy knowing the future is secure, until then, we fight, we struggle and we do not relent.





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