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Generation Identity UK Protest Ethnomasochism on University Campuses

Protesting Ethnomasochism

A group of Identitarian activists part of the European organization Generation Identity protested outside one of the various Universities in Manchester. The young activists, wearing hazmat suits, carried a big banner stating: “Warning, Ethnomasochism is Toxic”

Here is a statement coming directly from the British branch of Generation Identity:

Generation Identity protest toxic ideologies on university campuses.

On December 9th, Generation Identity activists protested outside the University of Manchester, donning hazmat suits and unfurling a banner stating: “Warning, Ethnomasochism is Toxic”, in response to the university supporting actions that undermine English culture and history. The protest involved green smoke bombs being let off inside fake toxic waste barrels.

Universities have become a breeding ground of toxic ideas, such as Ethnomasochism, that will eventually lead to the destruction of our identity and way of life. We must spend less time paying lecturers to speak of how “evil” we are, and instead, affirm that whilst, like every culture, we have made mistakes, our people are worth preserving and we should not allow ourselves to be replaced through immigration out of guilt.

Manchester Students’ Union has become infamous this year over a set of incidents that show how universities are detached from reality. In July, students painted over a mural of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”, replacing it with a poem by American poet, Maya Angelou. They also banned clapping at events hosted at the university in order to become more inclusive.”

The protest was led by English leader, Benjamin Jones

Protesting Ethnomasochism
Benjamin Jones during the protest

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