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Our Struggle – Our Triumph – Our Will


The hardest black pill to swallow is to know that we of the Gen-X, Millennial and Gen-Z generations are
the cultural and spiritual casualties of paradigmatic shift. Our men who will physically confront the
cresting wave of this rising tide of tumult are likely not yet born. They are the men our people will
remember. We are three forgotten generations, consumed by the perverse decadence and nihilism of a dying civilization.


This is our struggle.

We were born into a Brave New World, under the decaying shadow of our glorious history, placated
with colorful flickering screens and gadgets, distracted with frivolous novelty, poisoned by our food and water, and medicated to forget how hollow, numb and sick we truly are. We will die in a world much the same, perhaps worse.


This is our struggle.

We are minuscule minority among our respective generations- we who have noticed and we who
dared to swallow the red pill. We wander amongst our blue pilled peers, unable to speak of the
rampant sickness we see, for to do so would isolate us even further than our knowledge already does,
for those still on the blue pill will fiercely defend their mental prison. We thusly push our despair deeper
still into our hearts, lest it doom us by its breach.


This is our struggle.

We struggle with constantly finding that our old presuppositions are predicated on foul and odious lies. We eventually conclude that none of modernity’s machinations are foundational or functional- but mere
adaptations to perversions and lies. We struggle to quell the instinctive rage that bursts forth
unchecked upon such realizations. We did not tell these lies. We did not benefit from these lies. But
we nevertheless are made to pay for these lies.


This is our struggle.

Our men were raised by subversion to be passive; to defer; to appease. Our women were raised by subversion to be aggressive; to advance; to override. We are both worse for it- and most of us are scantly aware of the cause of our discontent.
Women, who ought to be mothers, waste their agency and vitality on functions men should be fulfilling, while men, dispossessed of their purpose by this ͞social progress͟ and technology, seek stimulation through a multitude of self abuses, from food and alcohol, to porn and video games. Consequently, our women make their naturally meaningful lives artificially meaningless, while our men slowly die of spiritual and physical atrophy. Even those of us who are fathers and mothers and seek to live rightly find ourselves swimming upstream against a titanic current.


This is our struggle.


We must have a country in which our children can grow without being hated; without being maligned by their cultural elites; without being made to bear guilt for actions they had no part in and for which they are not responsible. We must have a home.


This is our will.

We must put an end to the physical and metaphysical poisoning of our people. The subversive cultural elements of our nation must be purged and our spirits be uplifted by our own people- by our own artists- not by third world degeneracy promoted by subversive outsiders. We must have food that is untainted, and water that is pure. We must have medical practices that seek to grow our people- not bleed them dry to serve outsiders.


This is our will.

We must restore the symbiosis between men and women and in doing so, restore the family. We must end the constant cycle of mortgages and debt as each generation claws itself into increasingly more pitiful living situations to separate from their family. The family must be a cohesive structure- in a large inherited permanent estate, humming with the wisdom and patience of the old, balanced with the
vitality and curiosity of the young.


This is our will.

Our men must be men. Our women must be women. This is our will. We must revere our ancestors and be faithful stewards of the civilization and traditions they bequeathed to us. We must remember that our heart is saturated with the blood of those that came before us- those who fought, built and sacrificed, that we may not only exist, but that we may thrive. This is our will. We must be able to speak honestly in our homeland. We must be able to be with ourselves in our homeland. We can never again fear to speak or think in our own interest or for the benefit of our glorious and beautiful people.


This is our will.


We are the anonymous and hidden conduit of consciousness for our people- and conduit from our sleeping past to our awakened future. We will not win glory- but we will, like many before us, silently set the stage for our victory and survival.


This is our triumph.

We are few, and often divided- but we are resolute, and in being so, we are a banner for our progeny and theirs, a flowing red flag of truth and pride for them to carry into the battles to come. This is our triumph. We are the dissident tradition of our people. We have cast off the mental shackles of modernity and changed the paradigm. We will be lost in its shuffle. We will not hold our weapons to the sky in victorious pitched battles for our future. We will only make sure those who do understand what they are fighting against, and more importantly, what they are fighting for. We won’t get much credit for what we have done, but without us, the future would most assuredly be lost.

We are the first act in a play. Know your part. Play it with conviction. That, my identitarian compatriots, is our story.

That is our Struggle.

That is our Will.

That is our Triumph.

Hail Victory.

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