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Lega Minister Fontana: “Immigration Dilutes Our Identity”


Lorenzo Fontana, Minister of Family and health welfare and member of Lega, gave some interesting statements during an event of the Lega school of Political education.

“Whenever you say that we should help the younger generations to have more children, you get called a Fascist. There are certain political parties that say: let’s help the young and the couples to find a stable job and a house for the natality policies, then there are parties which keep on saying “more immigration”. But none of these parties realize the fact that immigration dilutes our identity and the homologation advances”

“This is the battle we must fight, a battle in which the mainstream media will be strongly opposing us since there are many interests at risk. They will massacre our image, they did it already with me, they are doing it with Matteo (Salvini) but this is a battle for the future, not for today or in 5 years, but for our children”

Italian Source

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