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Lega Candidate, Fontana: “Too Many Immigrants, We Must Defend our Ethnicity, The White Race”

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Lega’s Candidate Fontana shocked the public after his latest statements while he was a guest on the official Lega radio station, Radio Padana. Fontana was discussing mass immigration and said this: “We cannot accept all the immigrants who are coming here, we must decide if our ethnicity, our white race, our society must be preserved or let them be destroyed.” Fontana is currently running for the presidency for Lombardy, the biggest region in Italy with the strongest economy, for Lega.

The left instantly attacked and denounced Fontana for his words but the people, the Italians who are victims of multiculturalism and forced mass immigration mostly agree with Mr.Fontana. Later the politician released a statement saying he meant to use other words, while Matteo Salvini, the Leader of Lega, released a statement saying: “Skin color is not the issue, on the other hand, there is a really dangerous problem: centuries of history risking to be destroyed and vanish because of the Islamisation problem, underestimated until now”

Fontana had to backtrack because of the chaos created by the left and Salvini released a statement in order to avoid further criticism and accusations of racism, both made a huge mistake. The great replacement is happening, they are aware of it and often denounce it yet they avoid the racial issue because they fear being called racist, but there is nothing racist about defending our heritage and preserving our centenary society, nothing.

The immigration problem is not necessarily a cultural or racial problem, it’s a bit of both, therefore, an ethnocultural issue. Without Italians, Italy won’t be Italy, without Europeans Europe won’t be Europe, simple as that. Civic-Nationalism is a lie, multiculturalism is genocide, integration never happens, coexistence with certain groups is unsustainable. Modern politicians who supposedly are against globalism and mass immigration shouldn’t be afraid of being called racist, words like “racism” or “fascist” lost their meaning, they are just labels used by the left to discredit anyone guilty of wrongthink.


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