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Hungarian Elections: Polls Show Record Support For Viktor Orbán

Hungarian elections

European elections have been characterised by widespread apathy in recent years, with the same old political class being elected in lieu of a better option.

This is, however, not the case in Hungary.

An election is due to be held on 8th April this year, and Viktor Orbán’s governing Fidesz party is supported by record levels of the population according to all recent opinion polls.

Since the last national election on 6th April 2014 in which they gained a two-thirds supermajority, Orbán’s party has topped the polls without exception, regularly receiving upward of 50% support.

Now, the latest poll suggests that they are now on course to receive 62% of the vote. That’s almost double the support with which tired old establishment figures like Angela Merkel and Theresa May have recently won their elections.

The reason for this unprecedented popularity is quite simple; Orbán and his party have taken the seemingly revolutionary step of actually listening to their people, and implementing the policies they desire.

Illegal immigrants are kept out, incentives are in place for young families with children, the religious traditions of the nation are preserved and enhanced, and Hungarian culture is continuously celebrated.

Amongst other measures, the Hungarian government have also defied the EU ban on state-owned industry, with their nationalisation measures resulting in Hungarian people enjoying the cheapest gas and electric prices in all of Europe.

Thus, with these things taken into account, it is hardly a surprise that Orbán and his party have such high levels of support.

And as a footnote for anybody hoping there’s some liberal opposition lurking somewhere in the shadows, the next highest polling party is the radical nationalist group Jobbik, who one would position far to the right of Mr Orbán.

Sorry liberals, leftists and Europhiles, when it comes to Hungary, you’re shit out of luck!

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