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France: Generation Identitaire occupies Pro-Migrants NGO SOS Méditerranée building

The French branch of Generation Identity has just occupied a building owned by the Pro-Migrant NGO SOS Méditerranée in the city of Marseille. An unknown number of activists have entered the building and have deployed a large banner ” SOS Méditerranée is complicit in trafficking human lives “.

Here is their statement released on Facebook:

“Since 14 hours, Generation Identitaire has been occupying the “SOS Méditerranée” building in Marseille where its activists have deployed a large banner ” SOS Mediterranean complicit in trafficking in human beings “.

In a peaceful manner, our action is aimed at denouncing the complicity of this ngo, which, under “Humanitarian” Cover, works with illegal smugglers.

Since 2015, the “Aquarius” ship chartered by SOS Mediterranean has recovered migrants abandoned at sea by smugglers and brought them on European soil. True “taxi of the seas”, a part of the great chain of all those who benefit from mass immigration, from Libyan mafias to European landlords, through the cohort of subsidized associations that have made immigration their Trade Fund.
Asked about this harmful role played by Ngos, Emmanuel Macron conceded in June that we cannot ” accept this situation sustainably because in the name of humanitarianism there would be no more kind of control. In the end, we play the game of smugglers by reducing the cost of the voyage for them. ” (Paris, 26/06/2018).

We are now asking the president of the republic to show consistency. The NGO ship Aquarius is currently in Marseille, deprived of any flag for non-compliance with “International Legal procedures”.
Like the ” Juventa ” ship of the NGO ” Jugend Rettet ” seized by Italian authorities in August 2017, we call for the seizure of Aquarius and the end of any form of subsidy to these associations that promote the flooding immigration.

Petition Link:

Source: Facebook post

Video of the banner drop:

Identitarian Activists occupying the NGO building in Marseille

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