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A Few Little Things That YOU Can Do To Fight Back Against The System

As European population replacement is already well under way, the time to start discussing solutions has already passed. Topics such as repatriation and fertility rates cross our lips or fingers on a daily basis. We all have our own ideas about what must be done to reverse our forecasted demographics.

Until we reach the day that progress begins to take place, I thought I’d put together a selection of minor activities that we can do as individuals to fight back against the system. By no means are these ideas going to save the world. I’m not going to discuss increasing White birth rates or deporting foreign citizens, but we must recognise that apathy is holding us back and if we altered a few small habits (and encouraged others to do the same), then perhaps some sort of small-scale change can begin to take place.


Activity 1: Create Content

Whether that be starting a blog, creating a YouTube channel, launching a podcast or writing guest articles for another publication, the more eyes and ears we have focused on our ideas, the better. This is something that will cost you nothing, apart from time. Your content doesn’t have to be political if that’s not your area of expertise. You could focus on the history of Europe, family life, cooking healthy meals, self-improvement, philosophy, architecture – the list is endless. Anything that will inspire our people to live a more moral, wholesome life will be beneficial to our cause.

If you do create something and you’d like some help circulating it, then we’d be more than happy to share your content on our Twitter account if it’s aligned with our overall ideology. We’re also continuously looking for new writers to volunteer alongside us at Defend Europa, so email us at [email protected] if you’d like to join the team. No writing experience is necessary; we just look for individuals who have a decent level of literacy and who are enthusiastic about our aims.

If creating content isn’t for you, then there’s nothing stopping you from sharing other people’s content on your Twitter or Facebook account instead. Alternatively, you may be interested in point 2…


Activity 2: Become a Patron

Bear with me here. I know there may be an “E-Celeb” or two that you think doesn’t earn their donations, but there are many content creators out there who do. Some of my favourite content creators work full time jobs or look after families and the excellent content that they contribute is whatever they can muster together in their spare time. For others, being a voice for us is their livelihood. If somebody has a message that you think should be out there, then why not support them to be able to dedicate as much time towards relaying that message as possible?

Some of my favourite content creators are:


Morgoth’s Review

Morgoth’s Review offers a non-politically correct spin on news, politics and popular culture. If you are easily offended or of a liberal persuasion, this is not the place for you.

Morgoth’s Review is easily one of the most underrated blogs on the internet. You can guarantee that the topics and ideas that he’s discussing now, the rest of us will catch up with 6-12 months later. His fans describe him as a “working class intellectual”, and that he is; being incredibly quick thinking, but also injecting humour into his posts, and allowing them to be accessible by the majority of people.

Become a Patron of Morgoth’s Review.


Millennial Woes

A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.

Woes is one of the top thinkers of the Alt Right and he works endlessly to provide us with new perspectives on what is going on in the world around us. One of the best things about Woes’s content is that he doesn’t just churn out video after video on politics or crime, he’s willing to delve into more difficult, social topics, such as psychology, family life and relationships.

Become a Patron of Millennial Woes.


The Iconoclast

British Nationalist, Anti-EU, Pro-Nation State, Anti-Mass Immigration, Pro-Personal Responsibility, and bloody handsome to boot.

The Iconoclast has been on the scene for just over a year and he’s already amassed over 75,000 subscribers on YouTube! He’s one of the most likeable guys on the internet, and his topics of interest include population replacement, censorship, European politics and culture (plus many more). The Iconoclast sits in a very important position for us because he has the eyes and ears of an audience who are new to nationalist conversation topics.

Become a Patron of The Iconoclast.


Activity 3: Turn Off The TV and Disconnect From The MSM

Inside the delusional world of The Guardian and The Independent, they somehow believe that the BBC is biased towards the right. Perhaps they read one article that they disagreed with one time, because of course, us on the right know that the mainstream media in Britain is heavily biased towards the left. This isn’t the same as having the odd disagreement with their content every now and again, this is us acknowledging that they constantly churn out anti-White, pro-open borders, pro-EU/anti-Brexit content. Take a look at their panel shows for confirmation of this. On Question Time, for example, it’s not rare for them to invite four Remain voters and one Leave voter to join them. And on so-called “comedy” panel shows, they always come complete with a self-hating, middle-class audience of champagne socialists who clap along like seals at anything that’s anti-White, anti-straight and anti-male.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video from Theberton:


The mainstream media in Europe constantly attacks anything that is wholesome. They attack our White identities. They attack our family units. They attack our sexual norms. They constantly churn out pro-degeneracy, race-mixing, consumerist content, and the more you watch it, the more you’ll begin to associate this content as the norm. Only when you take a break from the mainstream media and then go back after a while to observe some of their content will you notice just how propagandised it really is.

If you live in Britain and pay for a TV License, then you are personally funding an organisation that teaches our children that they have no British identity.



Activity 4: Talk to People

A huge percentage of our populations have no idea that we only have a few decades left until we become a minority within our own countries. This information is readily available for anybody who seeks out alternative media, but many don’t bother. They just believe whatever ITV tells them. It’s probably a good idea for you to operate a “no politics” rule in the workplace, but you can talk to friends and family about this. The first hurdle for you to overcome is for you to convince them that it is going to happen. The White British are on track to becoming a minority in Britain. This shouldn’t be too hard to convince anybody of because even the MSM admit that this is likely to happen. They talk openly about it, often gloating, and our politicians do the same.

The second hurdle to overcome is to convince your subject that this is a bad thing. Use examples. South Africa is a good one to use, or American cities like Detroit or Philadelphia. You can even use London, a city where White British people are already a minority. Talk about London’s crime stats. Per capita, of course. The rise of censorship laws to please certain communities and any recent convictions in this area can also be a great red pill. You could also ask them why they don’t care that an ethnic group is dying out. Would they respond the same way about an American Indian tribe, or the Māori people of New Zealand?

It may also be a good idea for you to contact your local MP and see what their thoughts on such topics are. It may not have a huge impact on them if they only receive one letter, but if a few people grouped together, then perhaps it could garner a response.



Activity 5: Stop Defending That You’re Not Racist

Our opponents’ arsenal isn’t full of counters to our arguments, it’s full of name calling. The more we respond to these labels by defending ourselves against them, the more we legitimise them. Once words like “racist” and “fascist” and “Islamophobic” lose their power, then we get rid of the majority of their arguments. Plus it’s satisfying when somebody calls you racist and you respond by saying “OK. And what?”, to see the confused look on their face, or notice their silence on Twitter.

As Steve Bannon said: Let them call you racists. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honour.

Your words have no meaning here.


Activity 6: Make A Move Towards Becoming Self-Sufficient

This one may take a lot of time to work towards, but it’s important that we start to make a move towards being able to stand on our own two feet. People in Britain have been losing their jobs for being a fan of Tommy Robinson or supporting UKIP. It seems that anybody to the right of Stalin these days is at risk of offending somebody and being targeted by groups like Hope Not Hate and Tell MAMA.

When I say it’s important that we become self-sufficient, I mean in terms of work, schooling for our children, finances, and building our own communities. Boycott the official system as much as you can. Build and use our own organisations. The end goal should be for us to work for ourselves, or an organisation which was built by one of our own, home school our children, not have anything on credit, and also buy and sell from the local community (think local butchers, bakers and greengrocers rather than shopping at the supermarket). This way, we take away the power from the system and grant it back to ourselves.

This can be a big step if you don’t do any of the above, but we can start with baby steps, such as changing where we shop, and work towards goals such as paying off debts and making sure that we’re not working for companies where there’s a high likelihood that we could lose our jobs one day.

The less power that the system has over you, and the less contact you have with it, the better.



Note: I want to update this post to add new ideas as they arise. Feel free to comment below anything you would like me to add, or alternatively, tweet me at the above Twitter account.




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