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Denmark: Generation Identity Drops Banner in Copenhagen Against Gang Wars

Earlier this morning, a group of Generation Identity Denmark activists did a banner drop in the Danish Capital, Copenhagen. The city had tens of shooting in recent days and an increased number of gang-related crimes caused by non-European migrants.

Copenhagen is just one more example of European Capitals fastly turning into a dangerous place, I like to call this sad process “the Detroit effect”. The authorities are not doing enough to stop these crimes and Generation Identity has a solution for this: immediate remigration for criminal migrants (Remigration Nu!).

GI Denmark released a press statement regarding their recent action:

“Stop Gang Wars – Remigration Now!

This morning, identitarian activists put up a banner on a bridge in a central part of Copenhagen that has been having huge problems with gang-related violence in the latter years. The banner read ”Stop Gang Wars – Remigration Now!”, as this is not a problem that can be solved by police work alone.
Lately, there has been an increase in gang-related shootings around Copenhagen and several innocent inhabitants have been hit by stray bullets. Meanwhile, the authorities are left powerless.
The last great gang war of 2017 was not ended by politicians or police, but rather by the Muslim community who arranged a meeting in a local mosque, where a peace agreement was reached. As such it bot spawned and ended in a parallel society.
Gangs are dominated by migrants and children of migrants, and we know that both of these groups are overrepresented in the crime statistics. Thus we will see gang wars erupt again and again unless we are willing to go to the cause of the problem: the mass immigration that we have allowed for so many years have resulted in concentrations of migrants that can never be integrated into society.
It is time that we turn this development around and for the first time since the dawn of mass immigration, it will move in the direction of fewer non-wester migrants instead of an ever-increasing number. Remigration must be started.
Generation Identity Denmark demands:
A complete stop for asylum
Deport all criminal migrants
Migrants who have received refugee status must return when homelands are safe
Start the remigration initiatives”
Identitarian activists during the banner drop actions in Copenhagen

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