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Football, a European culture and tradition, killed by globalism!

How many of us, men and women, boys or girls, Europeans, fanatics or supporters of the “king of sports”, don’t like the fervor of when the weekend comes and the heart begins to tighten, tensions rise and the emotions are high as the hour of the football game of our team is approaching?

Now, this article, clearly, will only be understood by our readers who like football and are European! “Europeans? But football is also practiced in America, Asia, Africa etc… “Yes, in Europe!” Because here football finds its roots, here football is tradition, it’s culture… It’s something unique… Something European…

It can be said that football finds its origins in China in the second or third century. But it wasn’t quite the football we have today. Something quite different. It was a sport where a ball was thrown at the feet and the players tried to put it in a net or basket at some considerable distance.

The true football, of eleven players and constituted by a number of rules, dates back to the 17th century in England and the late 16th century in Italy, where it was designated as “Calcio Italiano”. Later, in the nineteenth century, the sport is developed in the British Isles and is officially constituted a set of rules that formed the football, of eleven players, two teams and where the objective was to place the ball in the goal net located on opposite terrain, as possible.

And so European football was formed. Swiftly, the sport was popularly embraced and countries such as Scotland, Ireland and Wales “welcomed” the “football culture”. And as a kind of plague, the sport arrived, in a short time, to the rest of Europe and even to South America, a region that it is possible to be said that one can also breathe the football tradition.

But the sport, went way beyond that! It quickly became a culture, a tradition, a form of identity, compassion for the team and for the players representing a town, a city… And that in the name of that city they created history and created unity. Political rivalries, conflicts with the neighbor or family were forgotten, and a city was united in a spirit very difficult to characterize, something simply unique. And it was not just a city. When the best players were called to represent a country, a population, an ethnicity, it was a unique and brilliant phenomenon. The union that was observed when the national team played was something inexplicable. 90 minutes capable of alleviating the problems of a people and creating a wave of happiness and compassion among the nation itself. Obviously, if the football club or national team won the match.

And what is the tradition and culture of football?

It’s a feeling! A feeling that starts from the beginning of the week until the time of the game. It’s not sleeping the night before the game. It’s waking up early on match-day, eating the typical sausage and drinking the morning coffee for breakfast while turning on the radio or television and reading the newspaper with the football news. To a little boy when he goes to the game with his father or grandfather that buys the typical “hotdog” in the carriages near the stadium and the boy asks his father to buy the scarf of his team to the man who is standing all day with the arms outstretched and filled with a pile of scarves.

A sense of pride for the city and the club that effervesces in the youths when they join the “lads” in the pubs and stay there all day drinking beer, waiting for rival fans to come to town to see if it they can create some trouble and show hostility to them.

To the point where we become adults and we look like “mad bulls” at work when the cup draw is being broadcast and we wait with the greatest of expectations to match a local rival or another club town and we make fun of our co-workers when their team loses, until we reach a considerable age and it is our duty to pass on that feeling, that pride, that passion for the city, for the nation, for the local club, to our future generations.

Wales fans celebrate their team goal

Oh, and the moment when our team scores? Even more inexplicable… A tumor of joy that screams of our soul and controls our voice and our mind. Joy to see our city or locality experiencing small moments of grandeur, joy in seeing the local players enhance our identity… But those days are gone… Some say that it still resides in the lower leagues… But business, money, corruption and political interests have already completely infiltrated this sport. And the small clubs fight for their survival, and they can only surrender to the plans of the business and globalist elite that rules this sport, in order to achieve their objectives and ensure their existence. The tradition of football no longer exists. Young people already support international teams or the national champion and are not interested in local pride. Going to football is tantamount to going to a movie show where the royal family or the presidency is present, and you have to work a full week or two to get enough money left to pay a ticket. Television dominates the sport! The games are at midweek where the workers are tired and have no chance of going to the stadium and choose to watch the game at home on their couch. Players use equipment with an absurd amount of sponsorship’s. Sponsorship’s of foreign companies or rather “global” reputation. Local businesses and companies are no longer supported. Worse than that, local players are not valued and used, not even nationals. Football teams look more like centers of diversity. History and local culture are abandoned in exchange for money, diversity, interests of agents and political interests. Football has become the government’s engine of keeping the man and especially young teens uneducated, without culture and of no interest to politics, so it is easier to commit atrocities and government corruption without attracting public attention. In the old days politicians waged war to intensify nationalism, the spirit of unity and increase happiness… Today they bet on football.

And those who still struggle to preserve the culture and tradition of football and their city are automatically targets of the system. From the hooligans, to the fanatics who are present at all games, to the nationalist “ultras” dubbed as “far right”. Whether due to the increase of ticket prices or to the “bombardment” of the media, they disappear and see their struggle’s increased.

Ultras protesting against the current state of football

Thus football has become the sport of the elite and the government, the sport of the tourist, the sport of agents and entrepreneurs, the sport of the big television networks, the sport of money… Everything but the sports of fans and the folk!

Formerly players played for the pride and passion to the shirt and city… And today? Now they play in exchange for millions… Even a locksmith or a carpenter would have a better chance of succeeding economically if he were to play football nowadays…

And pride for the nation? What is made of it? Disappeared too! How can you be proud of the “national” team when it is represented by non-native players who barely speak the language and who are the result of the multicultural policies of an inhuman and suicidal nature by our government?

Some countries are still resisting and have managed to maintain their football tradition. Eastern European countries and perhaps Italy, in my opinion…

England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands? Some in greater degree, but all these countries, among more others not mentioned, have already lost their football culture…

And the football that used to reassure me against the corruption and the disaster of the government has now become ineffective for me… Worse indeed! It just magnifies the ideal that I live in hell… My passion for my club disappears with each passing day… And the same can be said for my national team! My football club is represented by 23 elements of African or South American origin and only 4 players of native origin. And my team, supposedly, represents the roots of my fatherland. It was from my city that Portugal was born, but Porto today is anything but Portuguese, whether in football, politics or society…

If only we could, as in my dreams, revolt against modern football… But I think its too late… Football fans decreasingly feel the same as I do…

Croatian fans protesting against modern football.

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