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Climate changes hits Europe radically this summer


Severe drought and extensive heat waves have hit Europe in the recent weeks, causing to the Europeans discomfort in the presence of sun exposure, degradation of the landscapes and even increased disease spread, which has filled the various hospitals across the European continent.

Scientists are warning that the record-breaking heatwave that Europe currently face, is likely to become regular rather than an exception, as climate change discomposes weather standards.

“What was once regarded as unusually warm weather will become commonplace – in some cases, it already has,” said the Director of the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute (ECI), Dr Friederike Otto in a study released recently.

“This is something that society can and should prepare for,” Otto warned.

“But equally, there is no doubt that we can and should constrain the increasing likelihood of all kinds of extreme weather events by restricting greenhouse gas emissions as sharply as possible,” she added.

Climate in June 2018, (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)


Climate in June 1976 (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

Apart from this, images collected by a NASA satellite show the consequences of this heat wave: where once there were green landscapes, there are now dry fields covering Germany, Denmark and Sweden. One of them was captured on July 19, 2017 and another, a year later, on July 24, 2018. Faced with the persistent heat wave that hit northern Europe, NASA decided to compare the two images and discovered that the extreme temperatures recorded there, devastated much of the vegetation that lived in typically greenish regions.


The second image, captured less than two months ago, shows a radical change in the soil of Europe: the vegetation has succumbed to the drought that the continent has suffered in recent times and the green fields have been reduced to dry fields.

“This particular heat wave was boosted by an unusual positioning and persistence of the air-stream”, said Peter Gibson, a researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who studied the temperature changes over the past five decades.

“The upper-level wind pattern has trapped a high-pressure area over the UK that has been windless, cloudless and very hot.”, he adds.

“The data shows a steep and persistent warming trend over the decades and that extreme heat waves are more common.”, he describes.

“If the world continues to warm up, it will be clear that we will continue to see events like this increasing in frequency, severity and duration. We detected that, some parts of Europe and North America may have hot flashes with another ten to fifteen days beyond what we have already seen.”, he warns.

“Scientists are still studying the details of how climate change may be influencing the airflow. We already know that the climate has warmed by about 1 ° C, indicating some human influence on this event.”, he said when asked if this abnormal behavior of the atmosphere is the responsibility of climate change.

The unrelenting heat across Europe has “baked” the earth, devastated crops and facilitated wildfires from Sweden to Greece, where more than 90 people lost their lives last month.

Intense heat is now reaching Spain and Portugal, which are bracing for extreme hot weather with temperatures expected to hit 47ºC over the weekend.

“What we call ‘heat’ today will, in the not so distant future, simply be called ‘summer’.”, warned the Spanish meteorologist Mario Picazo.

It is recommend to people avoid being a lot of time in the street between mid-day and the sun-set and to drink fresh water several times a day.

This is another proof that EU is a failure of an organisation, even at environmental terms, given that they decided to invest in programs and environmentalist agendas since the beginning of the century. Yet Europe is facing an outrageous climate change this summer and in that process, the European soil is being degraded and biodiversity is in danger. At these time, farmers and fishermen are being encouraged not to continue with their activity or to reduce productivity in order to preserve the planet but still, the planet is under danger.

If you’re a European nationalist, you need to take into account that nationalism and environmentalism go hand-in-hand. It is pride in the existence and well-being of your people and your nation and pride in the very soil of your fatherland.



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